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Success Stories

Ajay Jayprakash image
Ajay Jayprakash Painter Physical Disability
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Atul Sateja ( CEO of Give India) commissioned a unique Map of India for his client.

Somiya Tiwari image
Somiya Tiwari Sign Language Interpreter _
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Somiya was hired by The Man Company as a sign language interpreter for making their Brand video accessible.

Ashish Chawla image
Ashish Chawla Voiceover Artist Low Vision
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Ashish was hired by Brookfield properties for a voice over work for Galleria Mall, Bangalore

R Nataraja image
R Nataraja Sign Language Interpreter Hearing Disability
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R Nataraja was hired by Burger King for their Diversity and Inclusion Training Program

Vishwajeet Birare image
Vishwajeet Birare Massage Therapist Visual Disability
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Rahul booked Vishwajeet for a oil massage to relax his body

Taslim Shaikh image
Taslim Shaikh Sign Language Interpreter -
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Taslim was hired by One future collective as a sign language interpreter making their event accessible