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Oregano/Pizza Seasonings/Chilli Flakes - Combo
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100% Natural! No added essence! No artificial colours! No MSG! Auspice naturally dried oregano has a distinctive flavour and aroma that makes it irresistible and irreplaceable among herbs. It adds excellent flavour to Continental, Mediterranean and Italian dishes like sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and salads. Auspice pizza and pasta seasoning are a perfect blend of selected ingredients that enhances the taste and makes your pizzas and pasta delicious and mouth-watering. Auspice roasted chilli flakes are coarsely ground dry pepper with a mild flavour and medium heat. Add to fish, chicken, vegetables, and all your favourite dishes to increase colour and flavour, visual appeal. This product is cleaned, sorted, packaged, and labelled by persons with Autism at Action for Autism National Center for Autism, New Delhi. By purchasing one of these products, you have provided an opportunity for gainful employment to someone with Autism and strengthen their ability to contribute to society.

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