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Atypical Art / Nature / Mexican Jungle Tropical Art
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Mexican Jungle Tropical Art

By Aishwarya Kannan - View Profile

Mi Casa , Su Casa, ! “my home ,is your home” is a popular welcoming phrase . The Mexican Jungle , is usually Wet yet very dry . Enter the land , located in The Ring Of Fire, Make the acquaintance of the soul drenched in the rich history of the land. The netted sunbeam falling upon you , The nature whispering : “a new hair entered the old creek town.”To Audience the Season of the Bloom , To witness the Sprouting To inhale the fragrance of wet wood , To Experience the Drying Land , The melodious Music . To get bewitched in the enchantment of nature.

Price is exclusive of framing. 


31 cm × 24 cm


Acrylic on Canvas

Creation Year


Rs. 3,000


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