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Doodling Workshop

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About the Session

An amazing one of its kind workshop executed by an immensely talented artist on the Autism spectrum. This 90-minute experiential learning is a complete package where the audience can gain awareness about Autism, experience the joy of doodling and have fun at the same time.

Agenda of the Session

  1. Discover the joy of drawing by using basic shapes, alphabets, and numbers.
  2. Learn to make cartoons and expressive faces using circles and triangles.
  3. Caricature guessing games.
  4. Gain awareness and understanding about Autism and Fragile X Syndrome.
  5. Deep dive into the artists' journey.
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Corporate Clients

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Corporate Clients

  • Publicis Sapients
  • shell
  • Wipro
  • TIAA
  • MarchMcLennan
  • Aspire For Her
  • HCL
  • teleperformance
  • Accenture
  • Alliacz

Trusted By

  • The event went very well! Our entire team enjoyed the whole doodling workshop! All thanks to you, Varun's talent & Veena's energy! <br /> Looking forward to seeing more of such events by Atypical Advantage.

  • It was a great session, I've never tried doodling before, and this is my first session. I feel so happy to see what I was able to draw following the instructions. 

  • You made our day Varun and Veen, great work. Varun is a great teacher and made the steps so easy for us.

Doodling Workshop for Employee Engagement Activities

Brief Overview on the doodling workshop

Sometimes, getting in touch with your inner child and embracing the power of art and simple doodles can go a long way in rejuvenating and refreshing you after a long week at work. With an aspiration of helping participants rewind and relax, Atypical Advantage introduced the Doodling workshop that can calm people and let them immerse themselves in an artful world. Led by Varun Naren, a talented artist on the Autism Spectrum, this session aims to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of their drawing skills. Participants will learn to express themselves through cartooning and gain insights into the lives of artists with disabilities.
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Importance of the doodling workshop

The doodling workshop encourages participants to widen their creative expression and dive into the nuances of understanding neurodiversity. It promotes inclusivity and provides a relaxing break from the usual work routine. A unique opportunity to learn directly from an artist who navigates life with Autism and Fragile X Syndrome, the workshop helps in tapping into the creative side of your personalities.

The Doodling Workshop: List of Activities

Gain Awareness and Understanding about Autism and Fragile X Syndrome
Participants will be introduced to these conditions, fostering a greater empathy and insight into the experiences of those affected.
Deep Dive into the Artist’s Journey
A look at Varun Naren’s personal and professional journey, highlighting his achievements and challenges.
Discover the Joy of Drawing
Learn how to create cartoons and expressive faces using simple shapes like circles and triangles, as well as alphabets and numbers, making art fun and accessible to all.

Objective of The Doodling Workshop

Create a Stress-Free Environment

The workshop is designed to be a platform for relaxation and engagement. Doodling is a stress-relieving activity that further enhances workplace morale.

Increase Awareness About Disabilities

Through interactive and fun learning techniques, the workshop raises awareness about Autism and Fragile X Syndrome, contributing to a more inclusive work culture.

Enhance Creativity Through Art

Encourages participants to embrace their creative potential, further helping them be more innovative and expressive at work.

Benefits of Scheduling the Doodling Workshop

Stress Relief
Art is known to significantly reduce stress and offer a joyful escape from the daily humdrum of life. Making simple shapes and doodles can help clear your mind as well.
Increased Creativity
Participants learn to think outside the box and explore different facets of creativity that can add to their professional and personal lives.
Improved Communication Skills
By creating and sharing artwork, employees improve their ability to express ideas visually. It further helps promote teamwork and a collaborative mindset.
Team Building
Collaborative art activities help strengthen relationships and improve teamwork among colleagues.


Atypical Advantage’s Doodling workshop not only promotes inclusivity but also improves communication within your team and encourages a positive and creative environment within the workplace. It's an excellent way to get employees together, encourage creative expression, and build a supportive community focused on understanding and respecting diversity.