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  • Saraswati

    Business Communication

  • Rachit and Samir

    Business Communication

  • Subhasini, Saraswati & Nimilila

    Business Communication

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Frequently Asked Questions

Atypical Academy helps persons with disabilities learn essential industry skills. We offer various workshops and courses where you can learn as a group and enhance your personal and technical skills. This approach reinforces the principles valued by corporates.

In addition to our free workshops, we also offer comprehensive advanced courses that cover relevant skills in depth. The lessons are provided by trainers, who specialize in the accessibility needs of the individuals, and provide 1:1 feedback to individuals.

We ensure that the course is delivered considering the accessibility needs of the candidates. The trainers provide relevant material free of cost throughout the duration of the course. Additionally, you will have a direct connection to the trainer for problem-solving.

At Atypical Academy, our aim is to educate candidates, enabling them to learn relevant skills. Candidates gain access to the job listings through our Find a Job page where they can apply directly for the roles of their choice.

We offer all the necessary assistance and support to ensure accessibility for everyone. This includes providing a sign language interpreter, teaching using screen readers and having special educators available to assist learners.
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