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Disability sensitization

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About the Session

A very much required experience for every organization, the disability sensitization workshop is a comprehensive and detailed session covering all the required facets. This 90-minute immersion is able to create a major shift in the mindset and perception of the workforce in any organization towards disability and maximizes the awareness to ensure that the workplaces become accessible and inclusive for persons with disabilities.

Agenda of the Session

  1. Disability Awareness: Understanding Disability and Its Impact
  2. Disability Etiquette: Appropriate Language and Communication
  3. Disability in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive Environment
  4. Case Studies and Best Practices: Examples of Successful Disability Inclusion
  5. Disability and Diversity: Benefits and Challenges
  6. Real-life examples of companies in India that have successfully implemented PWD-inclusive hiring practices.
  7. Interview Tips for Different Types of Disabilities
  8. Real-life examples of successful interview accommodations for PwDs with different types of disabilities in India.
  9. Onboarding Tips for PwDs:
  10. QnA
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Corporate Clients

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Corporate Clients

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  • The session was really enlightening and was very well conducted. The session was pretty exhaustive and we saw amazing participation from the team.

  • Thank you so much for this amazing session! It's been a big learning for me and for all our colleagues. These sessions in so many ways enable us and make us conscious beings.

  • The session was very interesting. We will make use of all the helpful tips you have shared.

Disability Awareness Workshop on Disability Sensitization: Workshop and E-Module

Brief Overview on the Disability Sensitisation Workshop

Disability Sensitization Workshop by Atypical Advantage includes modules that help people understand the nuances of different disabilities and the respective experiences of people with disabilities. The in-depth contents of the workshop instill a sense of respect and understanding in people so that they can interact with disabled people without offending them. It aspires to transform perceptions and erase prejudices to create an inclusive environment. With the help of interactive sessions and an engaging module, Disability Sensitization Workshop is a crucial step for every company to ensure an inclusive and accepting workplace.
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Importance of the Disability Sensitisation Workshop

The Disability Sensitization Workshop can be the difference between a peaceful and welcoming workspace and an argumentative and disrespectful workplace. Our trained experts and team ensure the workshop provides adequate information on disabilities and their impact on people. This will help employees be more receptive to people with disabilities in their teams and encourage them to voice their thoughts. This workshop will help eliminate the prejudices to foster a friendly and inclusive workplace. Rather than making diversity and inclusion another checkbox on a list, the workshop will instill the values as a standard practice in the workplace.

List of topics in the Disability Sensitization Workshop

Disability Awareness
Among the wide variety of topics and themes covered in the workshop, our trainers give an insight into the disability types, including Visual, Hearing, Locomotor, and Intellectual disabilities, supported by relevant statistics in society and the workforce. The session also focuses on the social and economic impact of disabilities, addressing barriers in education, employment, and healthcare.
Disability Etiquette
Talking to people with disabilities with respect is not rocket science. All it needs is a bit of patience and openness to others’ opinions. The workshop delves into methods and strategies that can help people engage with disabled people with respect. It will guide the attendees towards suitable communication manners and terms that have proven helpful for people with different impairments. The session aims to correct common misconceptions, urging participants to recognize individuals' capabilities beyond their disabilities.
Disability in the Workplace
This module deals with the accessibility and communication aspects of disability in the workplace. With the right tools and knowledge, employees can be better equipped to help people with disabilities and support them as they fulfill their dreams. Moreover, it discusses equity versus equality, emphasizing the need to combat unconscious bias and build a genuinely inclusive workplace culture.
Case studies and best practices
Using real world examples, we show companies and their employees how they can also make a significant difference in people’s lives. Case studies from organizations like Amazon and Nestle, which have effectively implemented disability-inclusive practices give a glimpse into their changed processes and the subsequent impact. We also aspire to highlight strategies, challenges, and the positive outcomes of such initiatives, offering actionable insights for participants.

Objective of The Digital Sensitization Workshop

Raise Awareness and Understanding of Disabilities

With awareness, comes change. When people are aptly educated and informed about different disabilities, they can further share that knowledge and make a difference. People can understand disabilities better and in turn, are better able to support disabled people.

Promote Disability Sensitization in the organization

Being sensitive towards people with disabilities includes using respectful language, learning how to communicate with them effectively and avoiding using derogatory terms that can offend them. The workshop will differentiate between the dos and don’ts for employees in an interactive and engaging manner.

Benefits of Scheduling The Disability Sensitization Workshop and E-Module

Gain a clear understanding of disability sensitization
A company can benefit from the diversity of people in its workspace as they can offer unique ideas and contribute meaningfully to the brand’s future. With the Disability Sensitization Workshop, employees can go on to comprehend the subtleties of disabilities while learning respectful ways of communicating with disabled people.
Companies learn how to effectively understand and support individuals with disabilities
Accessibility for people with disabilities goes beyond making wheelchair ramps and having braille on buttons. It consists of engaging people with disabilities in all aspects of company functioning and giving them a platform to contribute in any way they can.
Positive impact on workplaces, communities, and personal relationships with persons with disabilities etc
Attendees will have practical knowledge to support and champion individuals with disabilities effectively. Thus, making society a better place for everyone. They will be prepared to foster positive changes in their organizations, enhancing inclusivity and community engagement.
The Disability Sensitization Workshop is a comprehensive program that challenges and enriches participants, empowering them to be advocates for inclusivity and celebrate diversity. Engaging in this workshop signifies a commitment to fostering an inclusive and empathetic community.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the workshop can be adapted to meet various organizational needs, ensuring relevance and impact.

The e-module reinforces the workshop's content, allowing participants to engage with the material at their own pace, enhancing understanding and retention of disability sensitization principles.