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Digital Accessibility

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About the Session

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s crucial to consider how technology can be harnessed to ensure inclusivity for individuals with diverse abilities. Have you ever wondered how a blind person navigates a computer or mobile device, how a deaf individual grasps the content embedded in an audio file, or how someone without hands operates digital interfaces?

The answer to these questions lies in the realm of Assistive Technologies (AT), a transformative field that caters to the unique needs of Persons with Disabilities. This session will shed light on the diverse range of ATs available, the alternatives and controls they offer, and the profound impact they have on accessibility.

Agenda of the Session

  1. Introduction to various disabilities and assistive technologies used by them to access the digital content:
    • Blindness - screen reader and refreshable braille display
    • Low Vision - Large font, high contrast, magnifiers, etc.
    • Color Blindness
    • Hearing Impaired - caption, sign language
    • Locomotor - keyboard navigation, switch access, voice access, etc.
    • Dyslexia - touch target, line spacing, etc
  2. Various challenges faced by them while trying to access inaccessible content.
  3. Guidelines, tools, and techniques to create accessible digital content:
    • Websites and mobile applications
    • Documents
    • Multimedia
    • Social Media content
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  • The session received positive feedback from the attendees. It provided insights into the real-life technologies used by PwDs and small actions that can make our communication accessible. Amar Jain facilitated the session in a very engaging way.

  • Have more such sessions. Helps build an outside-in perspective. Also, would suggest bringing similar speakers who give examples of real life applications and tools that can be used.

  • Really inspiring to have a PwD speaker, he could clearly send home the message about the difficulties faced by PwD candidates, how no disability is a hindrance to work or performance, and how all of us can act as allies by keeping few small things in mind.

Awareness Workshop on Digital Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Brief Overview on the digital accessibility workshop

The digital accessibility workshop aspires to help participants understand and implement the subtleties of digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities. It unravels the crucial role of Assistive Technologies (AT) in making digital platforms usable for everyone, including those with varied disabilities. Participants will learn from experts like Akashdeep Bansal, a leader in the field with personal and professional experience in enhancing digital accessibility.
overview illustration
overview illustration

Importance of the digital accessibility workshop

In this burgeoning digital age where everything works online, it’s of the greatest essence that we keep people with disabilities abreast of these ever-evolving advancements so that they can contribute meaningfully and do their jobs well. The workshop is important not only to let people with disabilities understand and communicate better but also to empower them to be a productive part of the workforce. When all important details like product decks and business plans are easily accessible to employees with disabilities, they will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

The Digital Accessibility Workshop: Topics Covered

Accessibility Fundamentals
Introduction to the basics of digital accessibility, including the different types of disabilities and the Assistive Technologies that support them.
Document Accessibility
Techniques to ensure documents are accessible across formats like PDFs, Word documents, and presentations.
Social Media Accessibility
Strategies to make social media content accessible to a broader audience.
LMS and CMS Accessibility
Ensuring learning management systems and content management systems are accessible to all users.
Accessible e-Content Creation
Best practices for creating digital content that is universally accessible, including websites, mobile applications, and multimedia.

Objective of The Digital Accessibility Workshop

To ensure that everyone has equal access to information and technology

Similar to how awareness forms the first step towards meaningful change in society, accessibility is also one of the primary cursors in ensuring people with disabilities are able to succeed in the workplace. Only with the right tools and information will they be able to finish their tasks productively and ensure a job is well done.

Improving digital accessibility for people with disabilities in the workspace

Accessibility is not just about wheelchair ramps and braille signs on life buttons, it consists of the 360-degree approach where people with disabilities are able to have the same access to resources as their counterparts.

To enhance digital accessibility awareness among corporates

This workshop by Atypical Advantage ensures employees and team leaders understand the importance of digital accessibility and its facets that can enhance an employee with disability’s performance at work.

Benefits of Scheduling The Digital Accessibility Workshop


Increased satisfaction and cross team coordination

By learning how you can truly make accessibility a cornerstone of your organization, you will be able to keep your employees satisfied. Individuals with disabilities will feel welcome in the company and will be empowered to successfully collaborate with their peers.

More job creation within the company

Digital Accessibility will help open new doors for opportunities for possible candidates with disabilities who wish to join your company. As an employer, you will have a wider talent pool to hire from.

Improved working environment among employees, vendors, investors, etc

Happy employees ultimately help improve the overall environment of the office. With inclusive and diverse strategies, your organization can scale newer heights when all your employees can put their best foot forward.

More inclusive and equitable society

Going a step beyond the usual and integrating holistic digital accessibility, you are contributing to the betterment of society at large.


Joining the workshop on digital accessibility is a critical step towards breaking barriers and nurturing a more inclusive world. By understanding and implementing digital accessibility measures, organizations can not only comply with legal standards but also enjoy moral benefits of inclusivity and equality. Encourage your team to participate and lead the way in creating accessible digital environments.