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Atypical advantage is a brand operated by Atypical Platform Private limited, a company registered in India. It is the only integrated talent platform for Persons with Disabilities where they can showcase their skills and get valuable opportunities to connect with corporates, individuals and agencies across the globe.

It harnesses the power of the collective through technology and helps connect talented people to anyone who requires their service. PwDs can sign up as a Talent and get hired, perform at events, sell their artwork and even sell their products.

To Hire a Person with Disability Please share your requirements here & our team will reach out to you within 2 business days or visit Inclusive Hiring to know more.

To Book a Performing Artist with a disability for a live/virtual event please share your requirements here & our team will get in touch within 2 business days. As per your requirements, we’ll share a portfolio of performers and even provide end-to-end execution.

Yes, Atypical Advantage charges a fee/commission from corporates for the services provided under respective service contracts. For detailed enquiries please contact us

No, Atypical advantage is a free service for individuals with disabilities. We do not charge anything for use of our platform and encourage more people to Sign Up. Instead, we aim to provide livelihood opportunities to Persons with Disabilities across various categories.

No. Atypical Advantage hosts profiles of Persons with Disabilities only.

To commission art from skilled artists with disabilities, share your requirements here. Or, browse through Artist profiles here, click "Book a Talent" on an Artist's profile to share your requirements. Or, explore our collection of artworks to pick an Artist based on their style. Our team will reach out to you within 48 hours to understand your requirements.

Yes, we do! We curate gifting solutions as per your brand's requirements. We source our assortment from our partner NGOs who work directly with PwDs to create beautiful products. Other options include custom artworks and Mini Concerts. Contact us and we'll be happy to curate a solution for you.

Yes, you can book Performing Artists for private events like birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion. Book a budget-friendly 15-minute Mini Concert here.

You can sign up for our newsletter here. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to stay updated.

We currently do not offer shipping outside India on the website but please Contact us with your request. We will try to check with our delivery partners and will be happy to find a solution.

Yes absolutely! Our website is well integrated with payment gateways that accept international payments to provide a hassle free checkout for our customers.

Please raise your query to the finance team at finance@atypicaladvantage.in and we shall revert in 2 business days.

Our people have a lot of stories to tell. If you are interested in reading about their life experiences and journey, read our blogs here

We have exciting opportunities open for volunteering and would love to have you. Click here to register as a volunteer and become a part of this revolution.

No, we are a for profit, private limited company. Atypical advantage is a property owned by Atypical Platform Private limited, a company registered in India.

Thank you for your support! Apart from following us on our social media handles and helping us spread the message of inclusivity and diversity, please read on to see how you can further help us. If you are working in any corporation, you could share about the amazing Talent pool at Atypical Advantage and encourage your employer to hire from us. If you know skilled Persons with Disabilities, please assist them in signing up on the platform. If you are an NGO working in the disability sector please encourage all skilled Persons with Disabilities to list themselves on the platform. If you are an Art lover, you can buy /gift beautiful paintings from Atypical Art.

People like you make us stronger and encourage us to work harder . To make a contribution towards the mission visit here.

For any queries or complaints, feel free to whatsapp us on 9310733188 or mail us at info@atypicaladvantage.in.

To register as a Performing Artist, Visual Artist, Artisan, Freelancer or candidate for full-time opportunities, Sign Up as a Talent.

Please drop us an email at info@atypicaladvantage.in.  Or, connect over WhatsApp at +91 9310733188 between 10:30 AM to 19:30 PM.

Send us your query/requirement here and our team will get back to you within 2 business days. Or, email your queries to info@atypicaladvantage.in. Or, connect over WhatsApp at +91 9310733188 between 10:30 AM to 19:30 PM.

Sign in here, then click on the Profile icon to update your Talent profile.

All corporates/ individuals mandatorily have to fill a form mentioning their requirements and we will then notify the same to the Talent they have selected, via email or call.

For viewing active jobs on the platform, please visit our jobs for PwDs here. You can also sign up for our jobs newsletter here to get job Alerts & exciting opportunities.

If you have an interesting product designed/created by you, please mail the details to info@atypicaladvanatge.in. For Artists with disabilities Sign Up as Talent under the "visual artist" or "artisan" category and we will reach out to you. Additionally, you can also drop a mail to info@atypicaladvanatge.in.

The Atypical Accelerator Programme is designed for Non-Governmental organisations, organisations/communities working in the disability sector and colleges that teach PwDs to harness the collective good & get more Persons with Disabilities economic opportunities. Sign up and join the Accelerator Programme here.

For any queries, feel free to whatsapp us on 9310733188 or mail us at info@atypicaladvantage.in.

As a member of the Accelerator Program, you can:

  • Onboard multiple PwDs as Talents and empower them with their own Profiles
  • Provide PwDs with increased employment opportunities: such as freelancing, full-time jobs, bookings for performers for events/shows or selling Artworks/products on Atypical Advantage.
  • Get prioritised updates on Job postings and dedicated support for issue resolutions.
  • Take part in placement campaigns to help PwDs bag lucrative opportunities.
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