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We are the planet's only talent platform for People with Disabilities where they can showcase their skills and get valuable opportunities to connect with corporates, individuals and agencies. It harnesses the power of a collective through technology and helps connect talented people to anyone who requires their services. Nurturing the talent of PWDs through mentorship is one of Atypical Advantage‚Äôs verticals. It also has an Atypical Art and a store section where PWDs can sell their paintings and products. 

You need to sign up by visiting the sign up link on the website and answer some easy to follow questions. A blog and a video on the process of signing up can be found here

We encourage all types of talent on the website and if your talent is not listed, it is time to create a new one. Please drop us an email at Alternatively, you can choose the Miscellaneous category from the drop down menu and create your profile.

Please write an email to and we would respond in the next 48 hours to the best of our abilities.

All corporates/individuals mandatorily have to fill a form mentioning their requirements and we will then notify the same to the talent they have selected, via email.

Sorry, you cannot! Atypical Advantage hosts profiles of People with Disabilities only.

No, Atypical Advantage is a free service for individuals with disabilities and corporates who are looking for skilled PWDs. We do not charge anything for the use of our platform and encourage more people to sign up or hire talents for free! You could understand the process of Booking a Talent here.

The process of booking a talent with us is free of cost and very easy. Click here to understand the comprehensive process of booking a talent. Visit the talent section of our website here.

There are aspiring individuals with disabilities who have shown inclination towards activities like singing, graphic designing, content writing, dancing, modelling, technology, photography and a range of different other professions. They want to nurture their skills and connect with a mentor who could guide them. It is an experiment in generosity to nurture friendship and bonding between children who are inclined to learn and a mentor who wants to guide. Click here to sign up as a mentor or mentee. 

We host a very limited range of products/paintings on our website. And if you have an interesting product designed by PWDs, please mail the details to For Artists with disability, we request you to sign up under the Painters & Artists category with your best Art collection and we would reach out to you. Additionally, you can also drop a mail to

The process of commissioning an Artwork is very simple. Visit the Painters & Artists category, select the Artist who matches your requirement, select Book a Talent, fill in your details and submit the form. Our Team will reach out to you within 48 hours to understand your requirements. Commissioning is a great way to give something unique to your loved ones. You can also go through the Atypical Art section and look at different paintings and select the Artist to whom you would like to give your commission. Additionally, please reach out to for any queries.

You can buy a variety of beautiful and vibrant paintings from the Atypical Art section which will make great gifts for corporate events. To buy such awesome paintings, visit here.

If you are looking for creative art works and paintings to adorn your walls, click here to buy them from the original art collection. 

The store has a myriad of products listed from trays, coasters and mats to chocolates, honey and spices. Visit the store to buy now!

We currently do not offer shipping outside India but please reach out to with your request. We will try to check with our partners and will be happy to serve.

If you are working in any corporation, you could share about the amazing Talent pool of Atypical Advantage and encourage your employer to hire. If you are an individual and you know about Talents with Disabilities, please assist them in signing up to the platform. If you are an NGO working in the Disability sector, please encourage all Talents with Disability to list themselves on the platform. If you are an Art lover, you can buy the amazing paintings in our Art section. If you want high quality sustainable products, please visit our store section to get the finest products made with love.

We have exciting opportunities open for volunteering and would love to have you. Click here to register as a volunteer and become a part of this revolution!

The Atypical Humans have a lot of stories to tell. If you are interested in reading about their life experiences and journey, click here to visit the blog section of the website.

People like you make us stronger and work harder. To make a contribution towards the cause, visit here

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