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Want to support our mission to generate livelihood opportunities for Persons with Disabilities?

Atypical Advantage aims to positively impact the lives of as many Individuals with Disabilities as possible by understanding their abilities and skills and connecting them with the right opportunities.

All this of course is difficult and expensive. While we do earn revenues from selling of products & services, they usually aren't enough to cover the costs of generating livelihood at scale.

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might find helpful before making a contribution.

No. We are a for-profit, private limited company. Atypical Advantage is a property owned by Atypical Platform Private Limited, a company registered in India.
a. We have received equity investments from a group of angel investors in 2021.
b. We sell products & curate services for companies.
We are on a mission to transform the life of every Person with Disability in the country & drive a large scale change for a more equitable world. In order to make this happen, the above listed sources of funds help us.

But we also run many social-impact campaigns every month which includes awareness drives on disabilities, upskilling Persons with Disabilities, assisting numerous NGOs on skilling, pro bono placement services for companies for hiring & more. Your support helps us to do more work and impact more Persons with Disabilities with economic independence.

Your contribution also enables us to invest in more talent, more technology and creating more economic opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

All of this motivates us to do better & helps us to realise the vision of an equitable & Inclusive world for Persons with Disabilities
No. Since we are a for-profit company, you do not get a tax exemption.

How to make a contribution to Atypical Advantage:

If you follow us, like our work and want this positive ripple to grow, please fill the below form to make a contribution of your choice.

Thank you for supporting the Revolution for Change!

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