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About the Session

The ISL workshop is a comprehensive introduction for anybody who is interested in learning & understanding the essence of sign language and would want to become part of the deaf community. This training is for Government, PSU officials, NGO personnel, Police Officers, Teachers, Educational Assistants, Special Educators working in Schools, Working Professionals, HR Managers, Managers, Parents & for all the hearing people.

The workshop provides an opportunity for people to develop basic Sign Language communicative skills and is a step towards inclusion. A rich language-learning environment taught by the best sign language trainers for you to learn and apply in real life.

Agenda of the Session

  • Understanding Disability
  • Do’s & don’ts while interacting with PwDs, specifically the deaf community.
  • Deaf Culture & Community
  • Wrong beliefs about the Deaf community
  • Introduction to Sign Language and Myths associated with it.
  • A to Z in Sign language and 26 essential words
  • Basic Vocabularies in Sign Language (Basic Words to communicate regularly)
  • Q&A
Additionally, following topics can be taken based on the duration chosen by the respective organization for the session:
  • What to say when you meet a Deaf person for the first time: Greeting Words and phrases, Question Words, how to construct basic sentences, etc.
  • An Activity on signing the names of the participants.
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Corporate Clients

IndiGo Khaitan_&_Co Alliacz Randstad ather

Corporate Clients

  • IndiGo
  • Khaitan_&_Co
  • Alliacz
  • Randstad
  • Ather

Trusted By

  • The sign language session was very interactive and effective. It's great to see all our employees fully engaging themselves in Sign Language. We are in the process of hiring persons with disabilities and this has given us the confidence to hire persons with hearing impairment.

  • Thank you so much for providing such an interesting session which will help us in interacting with the deaf community. I enjoyed learning sign language and found it unique and interesting.

  • It's a very helpful session. Now I can also convey messages and talk to our deaf colleagues by sign language instead of writing it on paper. It's really a great session. Thank you! 

Awareness workshop on Indian Sign Language for inclusive interactions within the organization

Brief Overview on the Indian sign language workshop

Free and open communication between employees is the key to a successful and productive work environment. But what happens when the communication is hindered due to lack of a suitable medium and understanding? People with hearing impairments often face an issue in communicating with their peers and understanding their perspectives. The same happens the other way around. With an aspiration to promote inclusive communication, Atypical Advantage introduced an Indian Sign Language workshop that helps employees familiarize themselves with the basics of a language that can bridge the gap between them and their disabled peers.
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overview illustration

Importance of the Indian sign language workshop

Indian Sign Language Workshop by Atypical Advantage is instrumental in making conversations accessible for people with disabilities. Whether they have trouble hearing or speaking, it can be difficult for them to put forth their opinions and clearly understand the people around them. With a focus on inclusivity and empathy within the workplace, the workshop furthers the idea of a place where everyone is heard with equal attention.

The Indian Sign Language Workshop: Topics Covered

Basic Vocabulary
Learning essential words for daily communication in ISL.
Communication Skills
Being able to greet and introduce oneself using ISL, bridging the communication gap and improving personal connections.
Do’s & Don’s of Gesture Communication
Understanding the appropriate ways to communicate using gestures, ensuring respectful and effective interaction.
Storytelling Activity
Engaging in storytelling to apply ISL skills in a practical and engaging manner, enhancing learning through real-life contexts.

Objective of The Indian Sign Language Workshop

Increase Disability Awareness among corporate organizations

Increase Disability awareness among corporate organizations about the importance of Indian Sign Language (ISL) as a means of communication for individuals with hearing impairments. This helps employees understand the subtleties of the deaf community and their real-life challenges. By educating the participants of the workshop, it will enable them to realize the importance of inclusive communication as well.

Foster a culture of sensitivity, empathy, & respect

Foster a culture of sensitivity, empathy, and respect towards individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Nobody wants to work at a place where people are not heard, let alone accepted. ISL workshop helps participants understand their peers who have hearing impairments so that they can encourage them to participate and contribute towards the company’s collective goals.

Create a comfortable workspace

To create a comfortable workspace for both organizations and employees with hearing impairments. Small changes can go a long way in making the workplace truly inclusive and accepting of people with disabilities. Thus, adding accessibility measures and promoting the usage of sign language will make people with hearing impairments feel more comfortable in sharing their unique ideas and perspectives.

Benefits of Scheduling The Indian Sign Language Workshop

Comprehensive Understanding of ISL
Participants will form a strong foundation in ISL, enhancing their ability to communicate with deaf individuals.
Effective Communication
Accessibility for people with disabilities goes beyond making wheelchair ramps and having braille on buttons. It consists of engaging people with disabilities in all aspects of company functioning and giving them a platform to contribute in any way they can.
Enriched Workplace Environment
Incorporating ISL knowledge can contribute to a more inclusive and supportive organizational culture.


Participation in an Indian Sign Language workshop is a step toward creating a more inclusive and communicative workspace. It not only enriches the participants' skill sets but also promotes a culture of respect and understanding, improving the overall organizational environment. Contact us to know more on this learning opportunity and let your workspace value diversity and foster effective communication for all employees.