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Atypical Art / Stone Painting / Owl Set -5

Owl Set -5

By Nehal Tiwari - View Profile

The owl must have been a living definition of beauty in life. If a picture is a thousand words, this creature would have been a novel. 

It is an owl that belonged in the paintings of a children's book. Its ear-like tufts were reminiscent of a teddy bear, yet it stared with yellow eyes befitting a witch's cat. His plumage was a mottled grey-brown, as as such he was almost blending into the gathering gloom of nightfall. In flight, the only sound was the rhythmic beating of the air, and once he soared high it was carried away on the breeze, too quiet to alert any prey. This was a predator capable of taking down mammals larger than itself, but perhaps tonight it would content itself with rodents. 




Acrylic on Pebbles

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