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The painting of mother and child summons up many feelings of warmth, love and protection. The mother and child image has . been a strong symbolic motif of fecundity, maternity and creativity throughout the history of art. We are proud of Rupak Munje ,an Artist with Autism Spectrum Disorder who has signed up to list his painting & share a part of the proceeds because everyone can be great at Giving.

 This painting is a part of “A shot at Life” Campaign. Half the proceeds from this artwork go to the artist and the other half goes toward saving a premature baby. Help us give premature babies, A second shot at Living for the very first time. We can help save 300 thousand premature babies each year from succumbing to death. These fragile new lives, need immediate financial and medical support to survive. Artists with Disabilities of whom some are premature babies themselves have come in solidarity with Milap to solve this massive problem.

Visit the Milap fund raiser here  to know more..

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8.3x16.5 inches


Water Colour painting

Creation Year


Rs. 10,899


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