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POS- Partnerships-Program Manager

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Job Description

Role- POS- Partnerships-Program Manager

Experience : 10-12 years

Compensation details: Up to 40 LPA

Location : Bangalore


POS stands for "Point of Sale," which refers to the system where a transaction is completed between a merchant and a customer. POS systems typically include hardware and software components that allow businesses to process payments, manage inventory, and generate sales reports.


For POS Partnership Program Manager role, we are seeking candidates with experience in integrating POS systems with partners, and has worked particularly within the banking, sales or credit card industry.


Role Description:
● To assess and understand this ecosystem in detail and identify players of different sizes /
scale and catering to various industries
● To expand our universe via live-Aggregators: by driving lead generation and new merchant
acquisition + by ensuring healthy transaction growth across the live portfolio
● To closely manage live accounts via live-Aggregators, to address their queries or issues, if any
● To manage live-Aggregators relationships, to address their tech- or solution-related issues
● To further enhance coverage with live-Aggregators, by ensuring they tie up with us for all our
primary offerings: Payments Solutions (Collect Call, DQR, DQR Devices, Integrated SQR,
Paylinks), EDCs, Pincode Business and other similar solutions that we keep building over time
● To enable discussions with potential partners: commercial and integration discussions
● To manage Device Aggregators charter (live and potential) (like PaySwiff, Mosambee etc.) : to
drive txn growth at live aggregators, to open new discussions, to manage agreement /
compliance completeness
● To apply learnings for new, unexplored categories like education, hospitality, healthcare
sectors, if we can close some large Aggregators and enable some of their merchants
● To draft holistic agreements, that can safeguard our API contracts
● To promote the usage of our Self-Onboarding Link for faster execution, and to devise similar
other GTM strategies
● To work closely with Aggregators and Cross-Functional Teams to further our scope and
vision: Product, Engineering, ONDC, Devices, Onboarding, Business, Operations
● To constantly improvise on our commercial models: to customize the same and arrive at
tailor-made proposals for Aggregators, as applicable --- To approach the charter with a
revenue-first lens: to build a viable commercial model for us or to explore other
opportunities like Ace Outreach/Ads/Subscriptions channels
● To work on coming up with more beneficial value propositions for the Aggregators (on lines
of one-time-payouts, revenue-sharing, consumer-offers, customized proposals etc.), that can
aid negotiations
● To track the ecosystem closely for competitor offerings / partnerships with them
● To maintain a tracker with all necessary details (ecosystem sizing, live aggregators, funnel
movements, live accounts, inactive accounts, transactions & tpv & revenue of live accounts,
commercial arrangements with aggregators etc.) + To maintain an SOP for
acquisitions/portfolio management through this channel
● To own P&L for the Aggregators charter (revenue earned via live accounts vs spends towards
● To assess the charter objectively and figure out way forward as to how it is scalable in the
long-term -- and to build on leads funnel accordingly
● To engage with Aggregators from time-to-time via events / conferences organized by us: so
as to ideate towards solving for merchant pain-points on a larger scale (w.r.t. reconciliation,
inventory management, business growth etc.)


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