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Digital Portrait
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Present the gift of a beautiful custom-made portrait to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Anjan has overcome numerous obstacles to be where he is today. With cerebral palsy, he dealt with speech, hearing and vision impairments. However, this did not limit his potential or stop him from beating the odds. His colorful world and optimistic mindset resonates in every piece of art he makes. He specializes in Digital Portraits, which are a great way to create artwork that's expressive using image manipulation techniques and a stylus to create a one of a kind artwork inside image editing and digital drawing software.

The price mentioned above is for Single Portrait. The expected time of delivery for the custom portrait is 5-7 days. You'll get your custom portrait in a beautiful cylindrical box. 

To know the detailed process or ordering a custom portrait, click here.


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Digital Painting

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