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Atypical Art / Custom Portraits / Charcoal Pencil Portrait

Charcoal Pencil Portrait

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By Swaminathan Manivannan - View Profile

This festive season, preserve your fondest memories in the most meaningful way! Simply upload the picture of your beloved family, friends or partner and watch them turn into beautiful portraits full of love. This gift which will forever be the celebration of your bonds, feelings and love will be specially created for you by an Artist with Disability.

Work ethic and artistic perfection find their human match in Swaminathan! He is an Artist with Autism whose work will blow your mind away! In order to create the most intricately detailed portraits he uses charcoal pencils, which might as well be addressed as his magic wands! Click on buy now, fill in the information, upload a high-resolution image & witness the magic!

The Package will include-

  1. A beautiful custom portrait

  2. Certificate of Jubilation

  3. Corrugated box with Festive wrapping

  4. Free Delivery

(The price mentioned above is for a single human portrait)


11.7" × 16.5"


Charcoal pencil on Paper

Creation Year


Rs. 1,899


Nirmala Peter Mehendale
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My First purchase from the one and only Atypical Advantage ❤❤ for delivering in record time with the greatest efficiency and much love and care . Thankyou the very talented Swaminathan for making this Valentine's Day extra special for the recipients.❤❤❤