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Atypical Art / A Shot at Life / Egyptian Dream Flowers

Egyptian Dream Flowers

By Karishma Kannan - View Profile

These vibrant purple water lilies are painted on a wet canvas. The artist has prepared a watery background by blending acrylic colors in rapid, yet systematic brush strokes with a flat brush. Using a spray gun, she sprayed more water and allowed it to drip down gently creating the hazy and misty water effect. She then painted the purple lilies with easy upward brush strokes using tint and shade technique. This painting is inspired by the Egyptian art work of water lilies symbolizing victory of the spirit over the senses. We are proud of Karishma Kannan ,an Artist with Down syndrome who has signed up to list her painting & share a part of the proceeds because everyone can be great at Giving.

 This painting is a part of “A shot at Life” Campaign. Half the proceeds from this artwork go to the artist and the other half goes toward saving a premature baby. Help us give premature babies, A second shot at Living for the very first time. We can help save 300 thousand premature babies each year from succumbing to death. These fragile new lives, need immediate financial and medical support to survive. Artists with Disabilities of whom some are premature babies themselves have come in solidarity with Milap to solve this massive problem.

Visit the Milap fund raiser here  to know more..

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24" × 18"


Acrylic on Canvas

Creation Year


Rs. 34,499


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