5 Meaningful & Budget-Friendly Gifts Ideas to Welcome New Employees

Published on: 24 Feb, 2023

As an HR representative, one of your top priorities is to make the new employees feel welcomed, supported, and appreciated. Well-chosen onboarding welcome gifts or welcome kits can be an interesting way to make a company’s first impression while making them feel welcome. 

If it is a work-from-home/remote employee, you can resolve the challenges of a working environment by choosing gifts that can be particularly valuable in a remote setting through items like organisers, calendars & stationery 

And in the case of working from the office, there are gift options for employees that can help them get settled with the new colleagues and office. Products include bottles, laptop bags, coffee mugs, etc. 

All the products are made by persons with disabilities across India and onboarding kits for new employees can be customised with company logos. You can pick and customise the kits. 

1) Hand Tailored Cord Organiser

hand tailored cord organiser
This is a practical and thoughtful gift for anyone on the go. This organiser allows them to keep their cords and cables organised and tangle-free, making it easier to stay connected while moving. INR 553

2) Block Printing Stationery

Priced at just INR 220, the handmade paper notebooks come with the ancient block printing technique. 

block painting stationery

3) Jute File Organiser 

No matter how much progress we make, the old file organisers are something that we will never part away from. The organiser holds some of the most important stationery including pen, notebook and more. 

  • 33 x 53 handcrafted jute file organiser
  • Branding is possible
  • A notebook and pen can be added at an additional cost
  • INR 245

4) Utility Hamper

employee onboarding kit comprising bootle, pen, notebook with brand logos

This utility hamper, curated for newly onboarded team members, includes a temperature control stainless steel water bottle, a notebook, a pen and a keychain. All the items can be personalised with brand logos. 

5) The Monk in Blue

notebook, mouse pad, mug and calendar as gift ideas for employees

Made by Usaid Shaikh, an artist on the autism spectrum, the ‘monk in blue’ kit contains the following: 

  • A5 Desk calendar, INR 331
  • A5 notebook, blank pages, INR 135
  • Mug, INR 284
  • Mouse pad (Mouse for visual purposes only can be added at an additional cost), INR 236
  • Fridge Magnet, INR 68
  • INR 1054 inclusive of tax

Now that you have some ideas for gifts to welcome new employees, it's time to put them into action! Whether ordering a custom welcome kit or sending a personalised gift, we can help you ideate, curate and execute. 

For more information email store@atypicaladvantage.in or visit here

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