A Letter for a New Beginning

Published on: 11 Dec, 2020

Hey There, 

I was hoping I would see you here. And now that you are here, could I interest you in a story? So, here it goes….
It’s been almost a year since it all started since I first had this dream. The dream of an inclusive world. A world where a person’s disability doesn’t shadow their talents and abilities. A world where the intricate details of a painting catches your attention first rather than the wheelchair the painter may be using.

A Letter for a New Beginning

Well, we are aware that dreams are usually forgotten as we open our eyes or we fail to retain the nuances. But this dream was different; it just became clearer with each passing second. Each passing moment was kindled by the hope of creating a world of my dreams. However, it was not always a straight and smooth road, these roads had bends and turns and surprises waiting.

Soon some beautiful minds came and joined along. The journey became
sweeter, dreams transcended into memories; the rough patches were easier to overcome. And after a year filled with work, laughter, and the hustle; we are slightly closer to achieving the dream. From a dream to a journey, it has been amusing; we believe this journey will be amazing as we walk a mile every day.

You must be wondering why am I telling you all this? You were the most important part of my dream, without you the journey and to realize the dream would be impossible. We hope you will come along on this journey with us.

Now that you have come so far with us, let me share the realization of the dream so far. A talent repository for persons with disabilities. Here talent seekers can meet talent from different categories. Being handicapped is never an excuse, that’s what we practice and preach and want to tell the world that we are here, we are here with each and every person with disability to showcase their talent. 

You could hire a band for your restaurant, a graphic designer to do your party invitations, a Bakery to indulge your taste buds, a Hearing interpreter for your
webinar/events, a Dancer to rock the show, or a masseuse to relax after a tiring day.

Whatever be the need, we can set you up with the right talent. These talents with various disabilities will add sparkle to your event. 

What is Atypical Advantage?
- A mentorship platform known as Mentor Circle nurtures the talent for you and the world.
- You could also take a stroll in our Virtual Art Gallery. Purchase a painting or a photograph that fancies you or commission the artist for artwork as well.
- An e-store that houses products from numerous talented artists. The e-store works as a platform for persons with disabilities to showcase their products
and as a source of generating livelihood for them.

Come and explore the multiple talents with disabilities!

A Letter for a New Beginning

We take pride in the talents with disabilites that have been nurtured in our community and we hope as you come along you will feel the same. Just like a plant, they have been watered with love and exposed to the light of opportunity. With your care they will stand tall like beautiful trees, ready to share the fruit of their labor with the world.

This story may end here but a new one is just beginning. See you out there in the remarkable world of Atypical Advantage.

Atypical Advantage is Planet’s first Talent platform for people with Disabilities. Explore our website to Hire Talent for an event, shop items made by people with disabilities, dazzle yourself with the Art collection, sign up for Mentorship, Read Humans of Atypical stories, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, volunteer with us or feel free to contribute here.

Until next time, 
Your Atypical Buddy!

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