Advantages of Diversity & Inclusion In Workplace

Published on: 29 Dec, 2022

A diverse workplace is one that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the community in which it operates. This can include diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, ability, and other factors. This can be achieved through a range of measures, including recruitment and hiring practices that aim to attract a diverse pool of candidates, as well as training and development programs that support and celebrate diversity

Here are 4 reasons why diversity and inclusion matter: 

Reduced Employee Turnover

Businesses with diverse staff are often more accepting of different individual traits and opinions. All workers have a sense of acceptance and worth at work when there is diversity and inclusion. Employees are happier at work and remain with a company longer when they feel welcomed and respected. 

Higher Innovation And Creativity

According to studies, inclusive businesses have a 1.7 times higher likelihood of dominating their industry in terms of innovation. Employees are exposed to many world views and opinions in varied workplaces. When these varied viewpoints come together, they frequently close in unexpected ways, creating opportunities for creativity.

Different Perspectives

Employees are more likely to have a diverse range of talents and experiences since workplace diversity means that they will have distinct qualities and backgrounds, which is advantageous when it comes to developing and implementing a business strategy.

Better Company Reputation Businesses that are committed to fostering diversity in the workplace are regarded as being better, more humane, and socially responsible. Diversity in the workplace also gives your business a more alluring appearance. Finally, by presenting a diverse staff, you'll help a variety of individuals connect with your business and brand, opening doors to new markets, clients, and business partners.

Diversify your workplace in simple steps

This blog is written by Pratik Ahire, MET IOM Student Consulting CoE

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