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Inclusive Hirings

Looking to hire interns, freelancers or full time?

Or exploring how to increase your inclusivity quotient? Drop us a line with your requirements for our team to reach out to you.

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Why hire through us?

End to end solution
End to end solution

From sourcing, verification & screening to scheduling & sign language support, achieve your inclusive hiring goals seamlessly.

1000+ profiles
10000+ profiles

Across 21 disabilities & 50+ cities. Candidates sign up with us directly or via our 100+ NGO partners who upskill PwDs.

Job mapping
Job mapping

Sensitive to the diversity of our candidates & focussed on their skills and abilities, our job mapping ensures the right fit for every job role.

Check out how brands are increasing their inclusivity quotient. View brand stories Check out how brands are increasing their inclusivity quotient. View brand stories

Success Stories

Vineeta Subramanian image
Vineeta Subramanian, AVOC L2 Autism Spectrum Disorder

Vineeta was hired by Amazon for the role of AVOC L2

Vaibhav Kasera image
Vaibhav Kasera, Technical Analyst Muscular Dystrophy

Vaibhav was hired by Zensar for the position of Technical Analyst

Usaid Shaikh image
Usaid Shaikh, Graphic Designer Autism Spectrum Disorder

Usaid was hired by Tata Metaliks as a freelance graphic designer

Chain Rajpurohit image
Chain Rajpurohit, Customer Support Executive Low Vision

Chain was hired by RRD for the role of customer support executive

Santhosh Kakde image
Santhosh Kakde, IT Analyst Visual Impairment

Santosh was hired by TCS as an IT Analyst

Adnan Memon image
Adnan Memon, SPS-Associate Locomotor Disability

Adnan was hired by Amazon for the role of SPS-Associate

R Nataraja image
R Nataraja, Sign Language Interpreter -

R Nataraja was hired by Burger King for their Diversity and Inclusion Training Program

Aayushee Yadav image
Aayushee Yadav, Content Writer Hearing Impairment

Ayushee was hired by Cybage for the position of a content writer in their Pune Office

Charu Dev image
Charu Dev, Translator Locomotor Disability

Charu was hired by Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs as a Simultaneous Translator for their Webinar 'Technology and Inclusion in Cities'

Ajay Jayaprakash image
Ajay Jayaprakash, Photographer Locomotor Disability

Social Venture Partners hired Ajay as a Photographer to capture the moments of their event

Sanket Pangavhane image
Sanket Pangavhane, Customer Service Executive Physical Disability

Sanket was hired by Eurekaforbes for the role of Customer Service Executive for it’s call centre

Nitesh Kumar Badam image
Nitesh Kumar Badam, CMT L3 Locomotor Disability

Nitesh was hired by Amazon for the role of CMT L3

Ashish Chawla image
Ashish Chawla, Voiceover Artist Low Vision

Ashish was hired by Indegene and Galleria Mall, Bangalore for a voiceover module

JIBIN S G image
JIBIN S G, Coordinator Physical Disability

Jibin was hired by VackerGlobal a Dubai based company for the role of Coordinator

Sumit Kushwaha image
Sumit Kushwaha, Technical Analyst Visual Disability

Sumit was hired by Zensar for the position of Technical Analyst

MEHR KHURANA, Consultant Communications Visual Disability

Mehr was hired by Youth4Jobs for the position of Consultant Communications

Usaid Shaikh image
Usaid Shaikh, Graphic Designers Autism Spectrum Disorder

Usaid was hired by Vedantu for a video editing project

Somiya Tiwari image
Somiya Tiwari, Sign Language Interpreter _

Somiya was hired by 'The Man Company' and 'Little Brown Mouse' for a Sign Language Interpretation project

Lakshmi S image
Lakshmi S, Translator Multiple Sclerosis

Lakshmi was hired by Satya Special School for a translation project

Nikunj Parekh image
Nikunj Parekh, Electrical Engineer Muscular Dystrophy

Nikunj was hired by VackerGlobal, a Dubai based company for the role of Electrical Engineer.

Ajay Jayprakash image
Ajay Jayprakash, Painter Physical Disability

Atul Sateja ( CEO of Give India) commissioned a unique Map of India for his client.

Simran Chawla image
Simran Chawla, Digital Marketing Freelancer Visual Disability

Simran Chawla was hired as a digital marketing freelancer for a podcast called 'Sharing Life Lessons'

Pranav Bakshi image
Pranav Bakshi, Graphic Designer Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pranav was hired by Learn pod india for a Graphic Designing Assignment

Y. V. R. RAHUL image
Y. V. R. RAHUL, Data Entry Autism spectrum disorder

Rahul was hired by Meghna(founder-Curious Child) for the role of data entry executive

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Other Services

Disability Sensitization
Disability Sensitization

We conduct sensitization workshops as well as create custom e-modules for your mid-management to leadership level employees.

Disability Consulting
Disability Consulting

Need help with making your organization more inclusive? We provide end to end consulting for diversity and inclusion requirements.

Post placement support
Post placement support

Ensure your new hires have the means to succeed in their new roles by offering them and their managers one-on-one sessions post placement.

Job categories

  • Accessibility Tester
  • Analyst
  • Back office
  • BFSI Executive
  • Business Correspondent
  • Chef
  • Coordinator
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Developer
  • Editor
  • Engineer
  • Finance Executive
  • Front Office Executive
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Executive
  • IT Executive
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing Manager
  • Musician
  • Mutual Fund Executive
  • Operations Manager
  • Perfume Quality Tester
  • PR/Communications
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Sales Executive
  • Secretary
  • Tele Callers
  • Trainee or Intern
  • Tutor
  • Virtual Assistant
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Frequently Asked Questions

To hire a Person with Disability please share your requirements at Contact Us & our team will reach out to you within 2 business days. Based on your requirements, Atypical Advantage may charge a nominal fee/commission for the services provided, under respective service contracts.
You may directly apply for a role on the Job Openings page or Sign Up with us so that your profile is considered for all relevant job opportunities. If you are shortlisted our team will get in touch with you and help you throughout the interview process. Atypical advantage is a free service for individuals with disabilities.
Yes! By Signing Up for our Accelerator Programme, you get access to placement support for the PwDs you work with. The programme is free and aims to bridge the gap between qualified PwDs and companies that are looking to hire interns, freelancers or full time.
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