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Inclusive Hirings

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Success Stories

Nikunj Parekh image
Nikunj Parekh, Electrical Engineer Muscular Dystrophy

Nikunj was hired by VackerGlobal, a Dubai based company for the role of Electrical Engineer.

Anjalin Velankanni Alusious image
Anjalin Velankanni Alusious, IT Analyst Locomotor Disability

Anjalin was hired by TCS for the position of an IT Analyst

Charu Dev image
Charu Dev, Translator Locomotor Disability

Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs hired Charu as a Simultaneous Translator for their Webinar 'Technology and Inclusion in Cities'

Ajay Jayaprakash image
Ajay Jayaprakash, Photographer Locomotor Disability

Social Venture Partners hired Ajay as a Photographer to capture the moments of their event

Lakshmi S image
Lakshmi S, Translator Multiple Sclerosis

Lakshmi was hired by Satya Special School for a translation project

SUMIT KUSHWAHA, Technical Analyst Visual Disability

Sumit was hired by Zensar for the position of Technical Analyst

MEHR KHURANA, Consultant Communications Visual Disability

Mehr was hired by Youth4Jobs for the position of Consultant Communications

Vaibhav Kasera image
Vaibhav Kasera, Technical Analyst Muscular Dystrophy

Vaibhav was hired by Zensar for the position of Technical Analyst

Usaid Shaikh image
Usaid Shaikh, Graphic Designers Autism Spectrum Disorder

Usaid was hired by Vedantu for a video editing project

Somiya Tiwari image
Somiya Tiwari, Sign Language Interpreter _

Somiya was hired by 'The Man Company' and 'Little Brown Mouse' for a Sign Language Interpretation project

Ajay Jayprakash image
Ajay Jayprakash, Painter Physical Disability

Atul Sateja ( CEO of Give India) commissioned a unique Map of India for his client.

Simran Chawla image
Simran Chawla, Digital Marketing Freelancer Visual Disability

Simran Chawla was hired as a digital marketing freelancer for a podcast called 'Sharing Life Lessons'

Pranav Bakshi image
Pranav Bakshi, Graphic Designer Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pranav was hired by Learn pod india for a Graphic Designing Assignment

Aayushee Yadav image
Aayushee Yadav, Content Writer Hearing Disability

Ayushee was hired by Cybage for the position of a content writer in their Pune Office

Ashish Chawla image
Ashish Chawla, Voiceover Artist Low Vision

Ashish was hired by Indegene and Galleria Mall, Bangalore for a voiceover module

R Nataraja image
R Nataraja, Sign Language Interpreter Hearing Disability

R Nataraja was hired by Burger King for their Diversity and Inclusion Training Program

JIBIN S G image
JIBIN S G, Coordinator Physical Disability

Jibin was hired by VackerGlobal a Dubai based company for the role of Coordinator

Y. V. R. RAHUL image
Y. V. R. RAHUL, Data Entry Autism spectrum disorder

Rahul was hired by Meghna(founder-Curious Child) for the role of data entry executive

SANKET PANGAVHANE, Customer Service Executive Physical Disability

Sanket was hired by Eurekaforbes for the role of Customer Service Executive for it’s call centre

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