Atypical Content Writers who weave Magic with Words!

Published on: 13 Oct, 2021

Content is the key to a successful business. If you know how to articulate your vision and your work well, nothing can stop you from achieving success. What if we told you Atypical Advantage has some of the best content writers with disabilities who are looking for just the right opportunity to wield their pens and put on their thinking hats? 

Read the stories of 3 such dynamic content writers who have their way with the words to make y our campaigns and business discover new horizons!


Komal Bhupal Mali is a Content Writer from Maharashtra. She has a locomotor disability. Skilled by Ratna Nidhi charitable trust, this talented expert has notable skills in computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentation applications and some web-based applications such as Internet Search, Email and Instant Messaging and Data entry. She is an excellent team player who is a proficient content writer both in Marathi and Hindi on digital platforms. Transcription in Marathi language experience – tuition teacher of 1 to 7th standard, almost for 10 years with proficiency in spoken English. She also has a strong base in MS Office – NIIT Govt certified and personality development course and meets all the required standards for successful integration in open employment where her background and knowledge can contribute to the success of the organization and where there is an opportunity to learn, earn and grow.

Hire her here.


Komal Bhupal Mali


Shloka Shankar is a writer, poet, editor, publisher, and self-taught visual artist from Bangalore, India. She enjoys experimenting with Japanese short-forms and myriad found poetry techniques. A Best of the Net nominee and award-winning haiku poet, her poems and artwork have appeared in over 200 online and print venues of repute. Shloka is the founding editor of the literary & arts journal, Sonic Boom and its imprint, Yavanika Press. When she isn't pouring over manuscripts, she finds immense joy in conducting creativity workshops and dabbling in digital abstract art. Hire her here


Shloka Shankar


Gargee Ashtekar is a 25-year-old girl who came to AARAMBH on 21st June 2018, from Mumbai. She has a very rich cultural and social background. She has always been good at freelance writing, drawing, singing and communication skills. However, she's partially disabled so she was not able to remember things normally. Gargee Ashtekar is a very good writer and artist. She is good at making decorative things like handmade greeting cards and bookmarks for all festivals and sessions. She likes to engage in writing frequently apart from all these and would love to explore more avenues regarding the same. Now she is independent and has started earning using her own skills. Hire her here


Gargee Ashtekar


Hiring people with disabilities will promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Not just that, people with disabilities have the talent and the skill to make them stand out from the rest. All they need is a suitable opportunity to showcase their skill to the world. 

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