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Book Rockstar Performers to mesmerize your audience at events and shows!

Published on: 08 Sep, 2021

How can you make your show entertaining?

Can people with disabilities be good entertainers?

A show or an event is dull without lively entertainment. Whether it’s stand up comedy, magic or any other jolly activity, talented artists from such fields can add charm and fun to any event. Hire such amazing artists who will make you laugh out loud with their hilarious punchlines and leave you bedazzled with their astonishing magic tricks. 

Read the story of 3 such diverse performers whose performances are enjoyed by all. 

Sundeep Rao

Sundeep Rao is a partially blind stand-up comedian. This has allowed for the world to be his stage, with over 600 trail-blazing performances from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore to New York, Edinburgh, Singapore and beyond! His performances have left audiences in splits ranging from comedy specials and high-profile engagements to award ceremonies, international summits and corporate events. He has been invited to speak at several TedX events to share his inspiring story of fighting odds and building something for himself. His voice and wit also led him to explore Radio on a prime-time show, a talent which he is taking to the world of podcasting. Book him here.

Abhay Kumar Sharma

Abhay Kumar Sharma is a stand-up comedian and has always been interested in working at All India Radio. He started doing mimicry for cricket commentaries. He also participated in many college fests and events to showcase his comic skills. These events and exposure furthered his talent. He has represented his university in various competitions as well. In 2017, he participated in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge and was among the top 7 contestants. He wishes to bring laughter and joy into people's lives. He was hired to perform at a birthday party and the audience laughed their hearts out. Book him here.

Sheetal Kimmatkar 

Sheetal Kimmatkar is a renowned magician from Nagpur (Maharashtra) and she has performed at various Indian and international venues. She has won many prizes and awards for her performances. She was born with deafness and had to attend a special school for deaf children. She completed her through distance learning. Apart from magic she has rich experience in a variety of skills and has remained a football trainer, women's leader, people manager, a social networker and an idea generator. Recently, she was hired to perform at events hosted by Tokyo Edelweiss and Inscripts. Book her here.

Atypical Advantage is very proud to be hosting such fantastic talents on the platform and lending a helping hand towards furthering their careers. People with disabilities have immense talent and all they need is a right opportunity to showcase their skills to the world.

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