Breaking Barriers with Beauty!

Published on: 12 May, 2021

Modelling in the modern world is so much more than measurements and makeup and gorgeous hair. It’s about authenticity, relatability, relevance, and inclusion. The most beautiful manifestation of this has been brought about by the models with various physical and Intellectual disabilities. These men and women made their disabilities, their revolution, and took the runways by a storm! 

Their wheelchairs complement the catwalks, their vulnerabilities complement the perfection of their looks, their spirits complement the nonchalance of the fashion world and their souls bring life to designs! 

Here are a few stories of beauty, benevolence, bashing ceilings, and breaking free!

Ankita Sharma: “Touching lives with Love”

Ankita Sharma: “Touching lives with Love”

Ankita is helping people live life like its meat to be, a grand celebration

“A man travelled all the way to my house with his crutches, just to thank me for helping him love and value himself.”

Ankita is often overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions when she talks about her journey from learning to love herself to now, helping hundreds in doing the same “I like to tell my story, it pushes people to find motivation and confidence within them.” A true source of good-natured inspiration and support, Ankita truly leverages her vibrant story for the greater good! There are numerous moments from this story like humiliating rejections and even curses from cab drivers when Ankita would find it hard to stay unaffected but she recalls that there are an equal number of amazing loving people who treat her with respect and acceptance too! The hard moments made her respect herself even more. You will often find her encouraging people of her community to go out, have fun, party, and work just like any other human would! And that is the exact breath of fresh air that a stagnant societal perception of people with disabilities need. More people transforming from within, ultimately transforming the society.  

To get the power of grace and innocence on your side, your answer is Ankita


Mahalakshmi Mahadev: “Greater than her Fears”

Mahalakshmi Mahadev: “Greater than her Fears”

No one fills up a room with her incredible presence like this television model 

"I was nervous at first, but now I'm so happy. Differently-abled can do anything. If they dream, they can achieve it," Mahalakshmi found her calling when she went beyond her fear. With her story, this engineering graduate turned model is trying to tell all of us out here to go after the things that scare us because that’s where our greatness lies! Mahalakshmi's modelling dreams turned into reality when she met a Chennai-based adaptive apparel designer and it's safe to say that all of us are grateful that it happened. This serendipitous partnership gave our country its first disabeld Television model and an awe-inspiring human being. Mahalakshmi reflects and personifies a message that every individual in our society, with or without disabilities needs to hear, “Believe that you can”. Because your greatest achievements await you beyond the struggles and the doubts and fears. This differently- abled model is a great addition to any event seeking glamour and positivity.

If you want to add charm and power to your message, Mahalakshmi is a voice and visage you can’t go wrong with!


Anjurani Joy: “Acing the role called Life”

Anjurani Joy: “Acing the role called Life”

Anjurani is living her larger than life dreams and inviting you to do the same

“I acted in 2 movies and my confidence surged! I can really do this” Anjurani’s fearless spirit and innate dreamer are at their peak when she is in front of the camera, acting. “I was invited as a celebrity guest to runway shows following my appearance in the movies, it felt so surreal yet so authentic at the same time. It was the dream I was meant to live and I have never stopped pursuing it since.” Life rewards those who go after their biggest baddest dreams and Anjurani’s story exemplifies that. Doing and achieving all that her heart calls for has made her transcend the physical disabilities she was born with, to a place of infinite potential and possibility. It would enhance any event seeking glamour and positivity to have a differently-abled model like this.

How do you add vibes and authenticity to the campaigns? Feature Anjurani!

These bona fide stories of ‘Breaking Barriers with Beauty’ are just a sneak peek to the abundant reservoir of talents and stories we have for the world’s wonder.


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