Breaking the Stereotypes by Finding Success in the Financial world!

Published on: 30 Jun, 2021

Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) have met with stereotypes and discrimination almost each time that they try to explore their abilities and make the most of their skills. This is because people don’t believe in their strengths. We are here to prove them wrong and share three heart-warming stories of success where people with disabilities found successful jobs in the Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector.


As part of our Atypical Accelerator Program, we have partnered with the American India Foundation (AIF) to further our cause and get more people to secure livelihoods and jobs.

Project SAMEIP (SBI Foundation and Microsoft India Employability Initiative for Persons with Disabilities) is a pioneering collaborative initiative of SBI Foundation and Microsoft India, to enable career pathways for underserved young Persons with Disabilities in the digitally transformed BFSI sector. Envisioned to create an enabling ecosystem, this three-year project will influence the BFSI sector through an integrated model - F.A.T.E (Facilitation, Advocacy, Training, Employment) to enable BFSI sector to adopt inclusion policies, resulting in increased hiring, retention and successful career opportunity for PwDs. 


In the first year, 500 young PwDs are being equipped with market relevant skills and supported with access to employment opportunities in BFSI companies as well as the BFSI verticals in IT companies across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Kolkata. The program will facilitate development of an AI-driven e-Marketplace featuring Job opportunities in the BFSI sector for PwDs and gradually offering other resources working towards creation of a single window of resources for PwDs seeking jobs in this sector. Led by American India Foundation, program is also partnering with Mahendra Skills, TeamLease Skills University, V-Shesh Learning Services and WinVinaya Foundation.


Shabana Khan (25)

Shabana Khan (25)


Shabana hails from Gurugram region of Haryana state. Her father works as a mason and is the only bread earner for the family of 7. Shabana met with an unfortunate accident and lost both of her upper limbs in 2003. Since then, she mastered the skill to work with her feet. Though it was difficult for her, she had a desire to learn, earn and support her parents in running the household. But because of her disability and lack of professional communication skills, she found it difficult, even after being awarded a certificate from Industrial Training Institute (ITI).

Shabana came to know about the SAMEIP training program. After understanding the program features, she was excited to enrol herself into the sales and microfinance course in Delhi. She was able to complete her training successfully. Post training completion, she was continuously trained though mock interviews for the placements. Shabana appeared for the job interviews and faced her challenges with grit and support from her family. She got selected in her second job interview and now works for SBI Gurugram Branch as a back-office executive through Web Data Systems Pvt Ltd Though she was happy that she got placed, she was a little hesitant about the travel time she would require in commuting to the office. But with the support of the hiring HR, her family members and TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) (training partner) she wanted to give the job a try. Shabana has now been working for the past 4 months as a back-office executive and the employer is satisfied to see her efficiency and hard work. She is truly pleased with her job and content that she is able to fulfil her dream of working to support her father and family financially.



Jitendra Singh (26)

Jitendra Singh (26)


Jitendra hails from Agra, Uttar Pradesh and has been living in Delhi for the past 10 years. He has completed Master’s degree in Commerce from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and since the time he can remember, he has dreamt of a good job in the banking and finance sector with a Multinational Corporation. While his spirits have always been very high, he feared that his congenital disability impacting his lower limbs may be an impediment in realizing his dreams.

His parents have always encouraged him and even though he is the only person with disability in his family, this has never dampened their spirits. Due to his father’s job with the Indian Army; he got admission in an Army School, where he grew up with a lot of love and support from his friends and teachers. 

He came to know about the SAMEIP programme initiated by AIF; through v-shesh team (SAMEIP training partner - Chennai) while he was finishing his Master’s degree. Jitendra enrolled in the program and completed his training course in Banking Operations and was looking for career opportunities. His fears were real because, in the past he had faced rejection as soon as companies got to know about his disability. Companies made assumptions about his inability to travel; without even consulting him, and rejected his candidature. He realized his dreams by clearing his interview with one of the finest banking firms in the world and has been working for the past 3 months.


Anuksha Sunil Dalvi (21)

Anuksha Sunil Dalvi (21)


Anuksha believes that disability is just a matter of perception. She pursued her passion in the field of finance and account and accomplished her graduation in Accounting and Finance (B. Com). Anuksha has always been supported by her family. Her parents have been the biggest supporters in all walks of her life, from her passions to her hobbies.

She feels that, though she is recognized as a disabled person, she lives her life at par with any other able-bodied person. Anuksha has Locomotor Disability and her one hand is severely affected. She has faced a lot of difficulties and struggles in her life and was initially shy, when she recognized that people used to comment on her disability. But, with time, she learned to ignore the negative perception that society has about her disability and made herself strong and determined. Anuksha has secured a job with one of the world’s top Fin-Tech companies and is proud to be a contributor to her family. 

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