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Catch 10 Artists with Diverse Disabilities from 10 States showcase their Artistic skills at the first Art of the Nation exhibition

Published on: 28 Sep, 2021

Have you ever experienced diversity of our country from an artistic sense?

Where do Artists with disability find their inspiration for creating masterpieces despite their adversity?

How can you do your bit in furthering the cause of inclusion?


The Art of the Nation series is the first International exhibition of its kind which showcases works of 10 Artists with diverse disabilities from 10 different states of our country. What is remarkable is that it has curated paintings which have been made by Artists with various disabilities. 


All the 10 Artworks are magnificent in their own right and silently tell the adversities of their Artist. Their journey in dealing with their struggles and overcoming their limitations is inspiring. 


1. Lady III

Artist Name- Thyagraj (Locomotor Disability)

State- Karnataka

Lady III is Thyag’s take on the authentic Indian Woman. He captures the beauty of simplicity and responsibility. The choice of Attire for the lady further reflects his traditional South Indian roots. Growing up in an environment filled with a rich heritage of love and passion for art, he was always drawn towards painting. He worked for a corporate company for 8 years before he developed an interest in Filmmaking. 


2. Cactus

Artist Name- Payal Shrishrimal (Muscular Dystrophy)

State- Rajasthan

Cactus is Payal’s portrayal of the quintessential Rajasthani setting. The woman in ethnic and the backdrop setting with the cactus, all put together to capture the essence of this region beautifully!

After completing her 12th standard, Payal wanted to pursue fine arts but couldn’t get admission to a college. She decided to learn by herself and soon became a self-taught artist. She also started teaching painting to other kids in her town. Rajasthani paintings with soft pastels or acrylic colors interest her. 


3. Waterfall from Heaven

Artist Name- Kanmony S (Locomotor Disability)

State- Kerala

Kanmony’s Waterfall from Heaven transports you to a breezy evening with mesmerizing scenery in a coastal city! Aptly reflecting the charm of a seaside setting, this painting surely captures the pristine spirit of Kerala.

Kanmony belongs to Mavelikara in Kerala. She was born without arms and deformed legs, but she never saw this as an obstacle in her path of pursuing her passion. In a program named Divyangan, she not only displayed an exhibition of her paintings but got an opportunity to give one of the masterpieces to the honorable President. 

4. So close yet so far

Artist Name- Lipy Lekha Rathore ( Low vision)

State- Odisha

With ‘So close yet so far’, Lipy Lekha has added a mystical dimension to the usual horizon. The swan-like sea exudes beauty, longing and loyalty for the clouded sky. They exchange glances for hours every day, but their destiny keeps them from uniting.

She is interested in water-colour paintings, pencil shading, acrylic paintings and making a variety of clay artwork. She is a teacher by profession. She believes that her eyes are her weakness and strength. She hopes to make as much art as she can.


5. Rhythm

Artist Name- Pooja Bodas (Hearing Impairment)

State- Maharashtra

Rhythm features a tabla as the centerpiece symbolizes the love for performing arts that is dominant in the state of Maharashtra. The power and beauty of music and arts is further enhanced by the use of a light, patterned background.

Pooja got admission in a college of fine arts. During this course, she realized her full potential and gained confidence in herself. She completed her GD in Art Diploma (Painting) in 2017. She aims to lead a hearty and independent life as an artist.


6. Purple Burst

Artist Name- Shanthipriya Shiva (Parkinson’s Disease)

State: Tamil Nadu

Purple Burst’ can certainly be termed as a contemporary take on the vibrant and colorful Tamil Nadu. Always depicted with bright colors of yellow, orange and red, Shanthipriya has reimagined her state with mature, stark hues!

She is also a writer, model, young-onset Parkinson’s warrior, founder of SAAR Foundation (an NGO to make a difference in the life of a person with Parkinson’s), and a self-taught artist by passion. Her mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive with some passion, compassion and style.


7. The Recluse

Artist Name- Saideep Gupta (Down Syndrome)

State- Delhi

Leave it to Saideep to cover the simplest scenery from one of the most glamorous cities in India. Made with a palette knife during the lockdown, ‘the recluse’ makes you feel the calm of isolated slow living in a cosmopolitan city.

It was 2018 when art was introduced to him and it was easy to see that this could lead to something, something that Saideep could really love. He makes paintings with the guidance of his mentor. 

8. Infinite Nature

Artist Name- Manish Verma (Hearing Impairment)

State- Uttar Pradesh

Synonymous with the Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh is always imagined with grandiosity and heritage. Manish’s painting ‘Infinite Nature’ urges us to experience the majestic beauty of nature which is omnipresent and pervasive.

He is a very enthusiastic artist. He loves painting and wants to pursue this talent in making a name for himself.

9. Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms

Artist Name- Satabdi Dawn (Schizophrenia)

State- West Bengal

Satabdi has truly encapsulated the charm of fragrant cherry blossoms set in the brilliance of the moon. Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms work from Satabdi proves that artists from West Bengal have a flair for nature painting and fantastical visualization like no other.

She can work with various genres of drawing like- Pencil Sketching, Fabric Painting, Ambos Painting, Watercolor Painting. She won her first competition in 2005 which took place at Kalyanpur Social Welfare Organization, Asansol.

10. Dark Serene Night

Artist Name- Akshay Mathur (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

State- Punjab

The serenity of this painting resembles that of Punjab with its vast farms and fields. Akshay has an eye for detail and always looks at the bigger picture. ‘Dark Serene Night’ focuses on a blossom tree in all its glory. 

He is interested in different art forms, including music, dance, singing, drawing, painting, photography and graphic designing. He has participated in many music and sports competitions. His paintings were displayed in various art exhibitions.


You can’t miss this once in a lifetime event which is elegantly showcased along the entire length and breadth of the showroom. “Disability art has been globally hailed for its unique perspective and this exhibition brings out diversity in all its glory,” says Vineet Saraiwala, Founder and CEO-Atypical Advantage. Pratham Motors in Bangalore is stepping forward to lend their hand in revolutionizing inclusion for people with disabilities.


Don’t forget to visit the Art of the Nation from 1-3 October in Nexa showroom, Sarjapur Road.


Find the location of the event here.

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