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Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Holi For A Colourful Future

Published on: 02 Mar, 2022

We love Holi and we especially love painting each other with all of the vibrant colours that come along with it! Every year, we Indians celebrate this festival in so many different ways but one thing that remains common and consistent throughout is that we always paint each other with bright colours to commemorate this great celebration. Not only does it help add colour to our otherwise boring lives, but it also symbolizes good times, parties, and fun which is a very synonymous adjective for holidays! The best way for you to fully embrace the celebratory spirit of Holi is by stocking up on all of your favorite shades of colours long beforehand so as not to run out in the middle of things because that's such a big no-no. Remember, these colours are too important - both culturally and naturally - to not have on-hand ready at a moment's notice!

Everything eco-friendly is the new tomorrow

Let the colours of spring be your motivation to buy eco-friendly colours that make India's most exciting celebration possible. The vibrant festival of colours, Holi, is a time for fun and celebration, so you need these special chemical-free products to keep you safe and help you enjoy the day. On top of this, using natural colours will seriously reduce allergies and irritation (not to mention unwanted stains on your clothes!), which means you can keep having a blast without worrying about health issues! So let the colours be accessible this festival season because let's face it - no one wants their skin stained or sticking together after all the fun is said and done. 

From Temple Flowers to Holi Colour

Ditch your chemical-laden, manufactured colours and switch over to eco-friendly colours for your Holi celebration this year. You won't risk anything more than allergies or skin irritation, but you will be sure to avoid cancerous hazards like lead, mercury, arsenic, and chromium which are all common in artificial colours! Natural colours are the way forward! Artisans' hues of Holi colours are made by converting discarded flowers collected from temples and wedding halls into non-toxic, safe, and skin-friendly colours. Every hue is created by people with intellectual disabilities who make the colours as a means of income generation empowered by Artisans. This saves up to 3 times as much water as regular colours to clean up. Join in with your friends to colour up the unpainted canvas of town and say a big "hello" to spring by celebrating what should be everyone's favorite season!

Get lost in your shade of joy with Artisans' eco-friendly Holi colours exclusively available on the official website of Atypical Advantage.

People with intellectual disabilities often face greater barriers in accessing education, employment, and healthcare services. As a result, they are forced to live marginalized lives. Atypical Advantage is India’s largest inclusive platform for generating livelihood for persons with disabilities. We believe that every step you take with us will create a more equitable world for them.

As always during Holi, our products are among some of the classiest India has to offer. We're sure if you haven't already made your choice then you should go for any one of the impressive natural colours that we have. 

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