Indian Railway Concession for Differently Abled Persons

Published on: 01 Jul, 2024

Indian Railway Concession for persons with disabilities.

Indian Railway Concession for Disabled Persons

Being one of the biggest railway networks in the world, Indian Railways have always been known for pushing out all means to make convenient and easy travel for all passengers, including the ones having disabilities. In acknowledgment of the problems and social stigma associated with people with disabilities, Indian Railways takes care and provides convenient amenities, and concessions to make travel a bit easier on pocket and bit more pleasant with these extra services. These provisions are part of a broader initiative to work towards greater equity in and across the nation's transportation infrastructure.

In order to ensure a safe and respectful travel experience for people with disabilities, Indian Railways has also made several policies and initiatives. Among these initiatives are-

Reservation Quota and Berth Allocation:

On non-suburban trains, there is a reserved seat in the sleeper class coaches for disabled passengers using concession tickets. A berth is also allotted for the escort who is travelling with the disabled person. When feasible, the computerized Passenger Reservation System assigns the disabled passenger at least one lower berth and, if not, nearby middle or upper berths for their companion.

Concessional Fare:

Fare reductions are available for various types of disabled travellers. For instance, in the Second, Sleeper, First, AC Chair Car, and AC 3-tier classes, individuals who are orthopaedically handicapped or paraplegic along with their escorts are eligible for a 75% concession. In Second, Sleeper, and First Class, blind people and their escorts are eligible for a 50% discount. Similar accommodations are also made for mentally retarded people who require an escort to travel, as well as for deaf and dumb people.

Special Coaches:

Specially designed SLRD coaches of Indian Railways Offers More Features: Wheelchair accessible lavatory, wider aisle and wide entry doors, etc. The coaches have two lower berths and an upper berth for passengers with disabilities. Garib Rath trains have power cars with restrooms and disabled-accessible compartments.

Railway Station Amenities:

Standard ramps with railings, designated parking spaces, non-slip walkways, obvious signage, accessible drinking water taps, ground floor restrooms, and specific "May I Help You" booths are among the amenities being added to stations. Major stations are seeing the installation of escalators to facilitate inter-platform transfers, and new lifts with push buttons with Braille scripts.

Additional Facilities:

  • Wheelchairs are available for passengers with disabilities at major stations. 
  • Special training is given to RPF personnel to help passengers with disabilities to ensure a smooth journey.
  • In railway stations, 25% of the STD/PCO booths are provided for the persons with a minimum of 40% disability.

Recruitment Policies:

A quota of three percent is reserved for individuals with disabilities, which includes low vision or blindness, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, and locomotor disability. In a number of railway services, attempts are made to fill positions designated for people with disabilities. These programes demonstrate Indian Railways' dedication to creating an inclusive atmosphere that enables people with disabilities to travel with dignity and ease. The railway's commitment to supporting the differently abled community throughout India is demonstrated by the ongoing improvements to its facilities and the substantial fare concessions that it offers.


Types of Indian Railway Concessions Available:

Indian Railways provides a number of accommodations to guarantee fair access and comfortable travel for people with disabilities. These concessions include enhanced amenities at train stations, companion travel facilities, and special assistance services in addition to ticket fares. These are the different kinds of concessions that are offered:

1. Concessions on Ticket Fares for Differently Abled Individuals:

Orthopedically Handicapped/Paraplegic Persons:

  • 75% concession in Second, Sleeper, First, AC Chair Car, and AC 3 tier.
  • 50% concession in First Class and AC 2 tier.
  • 25% concession in AC 3 tier & AC Chair Car of Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains.
  • 50% concession in Monthly Season Ticket & Quarterly Season Ticket.
  • Mentally Retarded Persons:
  • 50% concession in Second, Sleeper, and First Class.
  • 50% concession in Monthly Season Ticket & Quarterly Season Ticket.

Blind Persons:

  • 50% concession in Second, Sleeper, and First Class.
  • 50% concession in Monthly Season Ticket & Quarterly Season Ticket.
  • Deaf & Dumb Persons:
  • 50% concession in Second, Sleeper, and First Class.
  • 50% concession in Monthly Season Ticket & Quarterly Season Ticket.

2. Companion Travel Facilities:

  • Persons accompanying differently abled individuals as escorts are allotted berths from the concession quota.
  • Instructions ensure the allotment of lower berths to differently abled persons and middle/upper berths to their escorts, subject to availability.
  • Vacant lower berths can be allocated to other physically handicapped persons during the journey.

3. Specially Designed Coaches and Facilities:

  • Specially designed SLRD coaches with wider entrances, modified toilets, and designated berths for differently abled persons and attendants.
  • Garib Rath Express trains feature disabled-friendly compartments and accessible toilets.
  • Wheelchair facilities, RPF personnel assistance, and reserved STD/PCO booths at railway stations.

4. Enhanced Amenities at Railway Stations:

  • Implementation of accessibility features such as ramps, non-slippery walkways, signages, drinking water taps, and accessible toilets at stations.
  • Planned provision of push buttons with Braille scripts and over 350 escalators for barrier-free access.

5. Recruitment Opportunities:

  • Reservation of 3% quota for physically handicapped individuals in recruitment across various categories.
  • Identification of posts for specified categories of disabilities, ensuring equitable employment opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria:

Types of disabilities covered under the concession

Indian Railways ensures that many people take advantage of the support available by offering concessions for a variety of disabilities. The following categories of disabilities are covered by the concession:

1. People who are paraplegic or orthopedically handicapped: Those who are unable to travel alone without an escort. The mentally retarded are those who require an escort in order to travel.

2. People who are blind: Those going it alone or with a guide.

3. People who are Deaf and Dumb: Those who travel alone or with an escort who suffer from both conditions.


Specific eligibility criteria based on disability type or severity

The kind and severity of the disability determine which people are eligible for concessions. The precise qualifying requirements are as follows:

1. Orthopedically Handicapped/Paraplegic Persons:

  • Must not be able to go anywhere without an escort.
  • A 75% concession is available in the AC Chair Car, Second, Sleeper, First, and AC 3-tier classes.
  • 50% concession available in First Class and AC 2-tier classes.

2. Mental Illnesses in Persons:

  • Must not be able to go anywhere without an escort.
  • qualified for a 25% discount on Rajdhani/Shatabdi train AC Chair Cars and 3-tier cars.
  • 50% off of monthly and quarterly season tickets is available.

3. Blind Persons:

  • 50% concession available in First, Sleeper, and Second Class.
  • The same concession is also available to escorts.
  • 50% off of monthly and quarterly season tickets is available.

4. Deaf Individuals:

  • Both disabilities must be present at the same time.
  • 50% concession available in First, Sleeper, and Second Class.
  • The same concession is also available to escorts.
  • 50% off of monthly and quarterly season tickets is available.


Determining eligibility for concessions

In order to determine eligibility for concessions, disability is determined and evaluated according to the following standards:

1. Orthopedic Disability:

A physical disability that seriously limits one's range of motion and capacity to travel independently, which is approved by a qualified medical authority.

2. Mental Illness:

A mental illness that causes the mind's development to be stopped or incomplete, seriously impairing cognitive ability and adaptive behaviour, which is approved by a qualified medical authority.

3. Blindness:

Total loss of vision, visual acuity in the better eye with correcting lenses not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200 (Snellen), or restriction of the field of vision extending to an angle of 20 degrees or less, which is approved by a qualified medical authority.

4. Deafness:

Severe impairment of speech and hearing when both conditions coexist, which is approved by a qualified medical authority.

A qualified medical authority must certify the disability in order for these accommodations to be granted. Usually, this certification consists of:

  • A health certificate or a certificate of disability from a government hospital or other accredited healthcare facility.
  • Description of the nature and extent of the disability in accordance with the previously stated standards.
  • With the help of these definitions and evaluations, concessions are given to people who actually need them, making travel on Indian Railways for people with disabilities more inclusive and accessible.


Exceptions and Limitations:

There are some restrictions and exceptions to Indian Railways' generous accommodations for people with disabilities. These exclusions guarantee that the railway system can manage operational efficiency and strike a balance between the needs of all passengers. These are a few significant exclusions and restrictions from the concession policy:

Peak Travel Times Limited Availability: There may be restrictions on the number of reserved berths available under the concession quota during popular travel times, such as major festivals, holiday seasons, and school breaks. This is to meet the increased demand that all passengers have at these times.

Premium Trains: Services such as Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, and Duronto Express are examples of premium train services where concessions are typically not applicable. The policy is intended to preserve the premium character of these services, and these trains have fewer seats and more expensive fares.

When it comes to handicapped individuals travelling on handicapped concession, SLRD coaches are considered reserved for booking on Garib Rath Express trains, which are fully reserved. However, they must pay the full fare of 3 AC Class on a first-come, first-served basis.

Particular Paths: It's possible that the concession quota will run out quickly on some popular routes. This might make it harder for people with disabilities to get concession tickets, particularly during rush hour and on trains that are in high demand.

Limitations on Quota: In non-suburban sections, the quota for reservations made by individuals with disabilities is restricted to two sleeper class berths per train. No more concession berths will be allotted for that trip if these berths are already reserved.

Concessional tickets may occasionally still be available, but if certain berths—such as lower berths—have already been reserved by another passenger, there may be no guarantee.

Accessibility of Exclusive Coaches/ Unique Coaches: Certain premium services like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, and Duronto Express trains do not have specially designed SLRD coaches, although the majority of Mail/Express trains do. As such, it's possible that the upgraded amenities found in SLRD coaches won't be available on these trains.

Verification and Documentation: Travelers must present a current disability certification from a recognised medical organisation. The concession may be denied and the passenger may be required to pay the full fare if this certification is not presented during ticket verification.

Seasonal Tickets: Specific terms and variable percentages of concessions apply to Monthly Season Tickets (MST) and Quarterly Season Tickets (QST). The purpose of these exclusions and restrictions is to guarantee the sustainability of the concession policy and the ability of Indian Railways to maintain fair and impartial services for all travellers, including those with disabilities. To take full advantage of the concessions offered, passengers are urged to arrange their travels ahead of time and to be aware of these restrictions.

How to Get Train Ticket Concession for Disabled Persons

Obtaining a train ticket concession for disabled persons on Indian Railways involves a few straightforward steps. Here is a detailed guide on how to apply for and avail these concessions:

  1. Obtain a Disability Certificate:
    • The first step is to acquire a valid disability certificate from a competent medical authority. This certificate should clearly indicate the type and degree of disability as per the defined criteria.
  2. Register for Concessional Ticket:
    • Visit your nearest railway station and approach the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter designated for disabled persons. Ensure you carry your disability certificate and a recent photograph.
    • Fill out the concession form provided by the railway authorities.
    • Submit the filled form along with the required documents. The railway authorities will verify your documents and register you for concessional travel.
  3. Book Concessional Tickets:
    • Once registered, you can book concessional tickets either online through the IRCTC website or at the railway station.
    • When booking online, ensure you select the appropriate concession category. You will need to enter the details of your disability certificate.
    • For bookings at the station, visit the PRS counter, present your disability certificate, and request a concessional ticket.
  4. Carry Necessary Documents During Travel:
    • Always carry your original disability certificate and concessional ticket during your journey. Railway officials may request these documents for verification.


Links to Apply for Each Concession

While the primary application process for concessional tickets is handled offline at railway stations, some steps can be facilitated online through the IRCTC website. Here are the relevant links and resources:

IRCTC Website for Online Booking

  • Log in to your IRCTC account or create a new account if you don't have one.
  • During the booking process, select the appropriate concession category for disabled persons.
  • Enter the details of your disability certificate as required.

Indian Railways Portal for General Information

  • Visit Indian Railways Passenger Services for comprehensive information on passenger services, including concessions for disabled persons.

Government of India Disability Certificate Application

IRCTC Customer Care

  • For any assistance or queries related to booking concessional tickets, you can contact IRCTC customer care.

By following these steps and utilizing the available resources, persons with disabilities can easily avail of the concessions provided by Indian Railways, making their travel more affordable and accessible.



Highlight how the Indian Railway Concession for Differently Abled Persons helps improve accessibility and inclusivity in railway transportation. Emphasize the significance of providing equitable opportunities for differently abled individuals to travel comfortably and independently. 

The Indian Railway Concession for Differently Abled Persons is an essential component of the country's rail transportation network that improves accessibility and inclusivity. Differently abled people can travel with dignity, comfort, and independence thanks to Indian Railways' generous fare concessions, reserved quotas, and specially designed coaches. In addition to providing financial relief, these initiatives aim to promote a more diverse society in which all people have equal access to everyday activities, including travel.

By making these accommodations, Indian Railways is demonstrating its dedication to upholding the ideals of equal opportunity and full participation for all citizens. It improves the general well-being and social integration of people with disabilities by allowing them to travel freely and confidently across the nation for leisure, work, education, or healthcare needs. 

Indian Railways has demonstrated its proactive approach towards catering to the specific needs of passengers with disabilities through the ongoing enhancement and expansion of its facilities, as well as the implementation of specialised support systems. The Indian Railway Concession for Differently Abled Persons establishes a benchmark for inclusive and accessible public transport by dismantling barriers and fostering a respectful and supportive environment. 

Essentially, these actions taken by Indian Railways open the door for a more inclusive and equitable society in addition to making travel for people with disabilities easier and more comfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How can I avail concessions for differently abled persons when booking train tickets online?

Answer: To avail concessions for differently abled persons online, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your IRCTC account or create a new one.
  • During the booking process, select the appropriate concession category for differently abled individuals.
  • Enter the details of the disability certificate as required.
  • Complete the booking process, ensuring that all information provided is accurate.

Question: Are there any limitations to the concession policy for differently abled individuals?

Answer: Yes, there are certain limitations to the concession policy, including:

  • Limited availability of concession berths during peak travel periods and on specific train categories.
  • Restrictions on certain routes where concessions may not apply.
  • Quota restrictions on the number of concession berths available per train.
  • Specific conditions for concession eligibility based on disability type or severity.

Question 3: How can I apply for a disability certificate to avail concessions?

Answer: To apply for a disability certificate, follow these steps:

  • Visit a government hospital or recognized medical institution.
  • Undergo a medical examination to assess your disability.
  • Obtain a medical certificate specifying the type and degree of disability.
  • Submit the certificate along with any required documentation to the relevant authorities for certification.
  • Once certified, use the certificate to avail concessions for differently abled persons when booking train tickets or accessing other facilities and services.

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