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Reimagining Atypical Advantage

Published on: 07 Jul, 2021

Offering a multitude of services, we need to make our website more inclusive and accessible for people as we move along. To execute the same, we have divided the platform into five different categories namely Inclusive Hiring, Performing Artists, Service Professionals, Atypical Art and Store. 

One Stop Solution for Inclusive Hiring 

Under this section, you can hire people from talent categories like Mutual Fund Executives, Insurance Executives, Diverse Professionals, Chefs and Bakers among others. Moreover, freelancing services like graphic designing, content writing and photography come under this section as well. Being a platform for people with disabilities, we strive for inclusive employment opportunities. An individual can apply for jobs under the ‘Find Jobs’ subsection for a vacancy they feel is appropriate for them. Employers can access the ‘Post Jobs’ section to give details about a job opening that they have. 

Book Entertaining Performing Artists 

You can book power packed entertaining performing artists in this section. Talents like models, dancers, singers, motivational speakers among others can be found under this link. These talented artists are capable of delivering amazing performances for any events and shows. You can hire them for corporate events, birthday parties and other functions. 

Hire Expert Service Professionals 

You can book expert service professionals for quality services at your fingertips under this section. Talented professionals from fields like massage therapy, physiotherapy, sign language interpreters etc are offering their services at affordable prices and looking forward to being hired so that people can make best use of their services. 

Beautiful Paintings in Atypical Art

Atypical Art is the vertical which has paintings of over 90 artists who are as diverse as our country itself. The category has artists from varying ages, culture and disabilities. Each one has their own style and method of creating art. You can filter through the vertical to find the perfect painting for your house, café or restaurant. The categories in Atypical Art range from Abstract Art, Landscapes, Portraits, Contemporary Art, Wildlife to Still Life, Stone Paintings, Collage and Indian Regional Paintings. The price range of about 500 paintings also aligns with people from all financial backgrounds. You can sift through the section on the basis of the price range and select the paintings which best suit your home. 

Diverse Products for sale at the Store

With over 80 products, this section houses diverse products ranging from kitchen and home utility products like trays, coasters, tools to clothing and accessories like jewelry and bags. When you buy a product from the Atypical Store, you are helping a person earn a livelihood. A number of NGOs and individuals make beautiful products for sale which can enhance the beauty of your home or your wardrobe. 

By hiring/booking a talent and buying a painting or a product from Atypical Advantage, you are contributing towards generating livelihood and economic independence for people with disabilities. Atypical Advantage has been working consistently to bring a ripple of change in the disabled community and make them believe in their skills and talents. We are striving for a radical shift in society where they see people with disabilities for their talents which are more valuable, rather than just their disabilities. 

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