The 3 Wondrous Women on Wheelchairs who are redefining Beauty

Published on: 11 Dec, 2020

The Atypical Family is abundant with stories of all kinds. Stories of courage, inspiration, beauty, flow, and resilience. In this blog, we have featured three such exemplary stories. Three women, three individuals with the same disability but three entirely different perspectives and unique life experiences, each one a power in its own light and all three an inspiration for us all.

Nisha Gupta: “The power of Acceptance”Nisha Gupta

Nisha Gupta

“And then I realized that this is my new life which I must accept and take on as a challenge. Slowly, but surely, I started to conquer, one day at a time”. What truly saved Nisha’s life was not her spinal cord operation in 2004, but in fact one shining moment of acceptance after 4 long, tiresome years of hopelessness and denial. And then she was unstoppable, she accepted the reality of her life after attending an enlightening session on ‘independence after spinal cord injury’ and turned it into a dream.

Despite the concern and reservations that her family and friends had about her passion and pursuit of sports, she went forth and never gave up. This led her to win Gold and Silver medals at the State and National Para-Swimming Competitions, Gold medals in the National wheelchair Basketball Championship, participated in marathons, among many other things.

The journey from a restless hyperactive kid who ran all around the house to a young girl who found herself chained to a seat and now, a formidable young woman who travels and tours all around the country, doing and conquering whatever she puts her mind to, Nisha’s life has come a full circle.

Stories like that of Nisha, tell us that if we truly accept what is and decide to make the best of it, there really are no limitations to what we can achieve.

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Dhanya Ravi:“ The Power of Compassion”Dhanya Ravi:“ The Power of Compassion”

Dhanya Ravi

“I think my bones broke but I have never been broken”, says Dhanya who is also known as the Glass woman. She might be born with a rare genetic disorder, but she refuses to hold back and live on the sidelines. She has transformed herself into a light. Her meetings with various personalities like Dr. APJ Kalam and Sadhguru taught her that people can truly be touched by just simply understanding and accepting them for who they are. With her numerous public talks and awareness programs, she is trying to do just that, understand herself and making others understand the voice of people with her condition.

It is just soul-soothing to witness a human being whose biggest motivation is the betterment and upliftment of other human beings. Dhanya’s story tells us that our innate humanity is in fact our biggest strength and support in this world.

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Priya Bhargava:- “The Power of Hustle”Priya Bhargava

Priya Bhargava

“I grew up watching beauty pageants like Miss World, Miss India, etc. and always wanted to be there, in those pageants, in those lights, feeling pretty but I never thought about winning them! How could I?”

Priya always knew where she wanted to go but her illness crept in on her, debilitating self-doubt and disbelief. And to all these self-critical thoughts, she responded like the champion that she is! “I took my selection in the top 7 finalists as a challenge. I worked on my weight, appearance, self-confidence, speaking skills, stage phobia, and later on, won the title.” An ardent believer in the power of hard work and pushing one’s limits, Priya has always been a fighter. Her inner warrior didn’t only lead her to the title of Miss Wheelchair India but also helped her achieve two professional degrees, in Computers and Psychology, respectively.

Her own life is the biggest example of the idea that she preaches and practices, ‘If you truly give it your all, you will achieve it.’ When one looks at her life from a different perspective, they get a glimpse of the unstoppable and unlimited power that lies in just working for your wildest dreams with faith and confidence. Because our goals might appear far-fetched but there’s definitely a highway to achieving them which is paved with hard work and will power. If we all can just set out on this path of determination and hard work, we can undoubtedly achieve all our ‘crazy, unbelievable’ dreams, just like Priya!

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Nisha with her athletic spirit, Dhanya with her angelic social endeavors and Priya with her luminous accolades are calling out to us to find the power within us and persist when we do!

The quintessential spirit of Atypical Advantage is the numerous stories of inspiration, achievement, and everything that goes in between. We are a family of seekers, achievers, travelers, and posers who got tougher when life got tough!

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