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The Budding Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Published on: 16 Jun, 2021

Can people with disabilities be entrepreneurs?

How can they manage their enterprise successfully?

What obstacles do they face while setting up a business?

To encourage the growth and stable income of people with disabilities who have started their own businesses and are self-employed, Atypical Advantage has made a separate category for entrepreneurs on the platform. 

Priyanka Patel: Exquisite Jewellery Designer

Priyanka Patel is a 36 years old differently abled lady from Ahmedabad city in India. She is a Handmade Jewellery Designer. She runs her small business under 'Pri's Creation' brand name. She has been following her passion for 6 years now. She has a Master’s degree in Commerce. After completing the degree, she started taking tuition classes at home as it was difficult for her to go out and do a job with a polio in her whole body with Scoliosis. So it was an easy activity for her to do. But after spending some years in the teaching field, she realised that teaching is not what she wanted to do. She wanted to do some creative work. Drawing, Painting, Art & Craft was her favorite activity since childhood. So as first, she took Quilling as a hobby activity but after spending some time with it, she found that designing and making jewellery is what makes her soul satisfied and happy. She learnt to make Designer Earrings & Different Quilling Products with herself with the help of the internet. She has been doing her creative work for 6 years now and she has taken it as a profession. She has exhibited her Designer Earrings and Quilling Products in 2-3 NGO Exhibitions. It boosted her confidence after doing this exhibition and now she has been putting her heart & soul doing this creative work which gives her satisfaction & value for her work in society. To support her venture, click here

Rohit Walke: Skilled Handbag maker 

Rohit Walke is 21 years old. As a child, he used to be very hyper and his parents had a tough time keeping an eye on him because he was here one moment, and somewhere else in the next moment. His parents have tried various activities and therapies to calm his down and his behaviour has improved drastically in the past few years. He studied in a special school till he was 18 years old. For the past 3 years, he has been attending a government aided workshop where handcrafted materials are prepared. He has symptoms of Autism disorder and minimal mental retardness. The main areas affected are speech, communication and behavior. He can do the basic tasks after a little guidance and training. At home, he helps in peeling, cutting, cleaning, segregating vegetables and fruits. He helps in cooking. Recently, he has learned typing on a computer. He can handle a mobile as well. He is also learning money value and exchange. With the help of his father, they prepare paper bags, gift bags and sell them in the local markets and online stores. To support his venture, click here

V Madhan: Creative Designer 

Since his childhood, Madhan has been a very shy and silent person. He has always had an aspiration to do something meaningful and help his father’s printing business. That’s how he developed an interest in designing and is now a good Photoshop designer. He also has started his printing business and is doing it successfully. He makes designs for printing on Keychains, Mugs, Pillow covers, Tile Frame and T-Shirt. He is concentrating on both pre-printed materials and also the photos from customers as per their requirements. He is a person with Intellectual Disability. He worked hard and now he has achieved this target. His goal is to design more and print more to enhance his knowledge and experience. To support his venture, click here

Budding entrepreneurs like Priyanka Patel, Rohit Walke and V Madhan have great talents but very little exposure and opportunities to explore their true potential. With our help, they can carry their passions forward and make something of themselves. We can help them be independent and make a living for themselves. They have the will, talent and determination, they just need a nudge of encouragement from our end. 

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