The Gen Z Rockstars of Atypical Advantage

Published on: 09 Jun, 2021

Can individuals in college Multi task?

How can enthusiasm triumph experience?

Could you connect as a Team without even meeting once?


Whether it’s Sharon getting talents on board, Aman making presentations and videos or Sakshi striving to get artists and paintings listed on the platform, the consistency and continuous hard work is evident in their work itself. The Average Age of our Team is 23 and barring the founder, everyone is less than 22 years of age. 


The Gen Z Rockstars of Atypical Advantage

Sharon Sundas (From Anti social to neutral social)

Sharon is a graduate of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata and is a sportsperson. Her compassion, kindness and empathy is what connects her to people and is what intrigued her to work in this space. 

When asked about her experience working with Atypical Advantage, she said, “I still remember the first week with Atypical Advantage was really difficult for me as my job role is ever changing. I had to keep updating my existing knowledge and skills in order to work in the backend, given the dynamic nature of the website itself. I have always been an antisocial person and it was very difficult for me to interact with new people everyday to get them listed on the platform. Today, I can say with utmost confidence that I am comfortable while talking to them and they even share their stressful moments and achievements with me. I answer their call with a smile. I have learnt a lot in the past couple of months and I wish to be better as I progress.”


Sakshi Gupta (A Timid volunteer turned Leader)

Sakshi Gupta is currently pursuing BBA. She is very enthusiastic and has a thirst for learning new things. She loves to volunteer in the social sector and wants to steer her career in the management arena. 

She shared her experience in her own words which were as follows.

“From being a scared and timid volunteer in the beginning, to managing the Art vertical single-handedly, I have been with Atypical Advantage even before the platform was launched , definitely came a long way. My beloved nani nana and my parents have always supported me. Atypical taught me how to be self - disciplined as I learned there was no such thing as a good excuse. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the work, I usually make a to-do list and try to calm myself down. No matter what happens, I know that Vineet and the team have my back. All the talented artists have become my second family. I am still learning so much from people around me, and I hope to never lose this hunger to learn more.”


Aman Pathak (The Designer for all seasons)

Aman did his Graduation from IGNOU and is continuously learning on the nuances of Designing. Scrolling through this portfolio would definitely leave you amazed!

He says, “So far the journey is going well. I have been here for quite a long time and have seen this platform growing. I have learnt so many things but the important one is task management. I learned how to manage tasks more efficiently. It is very inspiring to see that all the young talented people who are working together very hard to grow this platform. They are all responsible for the rapid growth of this platform.”


Vidhi Narula (The Queen of Storytelling)

Vidhi Narula is pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication. Residing in Delhi, she has done several internships to gather substantial professional experience. Her grasp and command over the English language is evident in her work as a content writer. 

She summarizes her experience as, “I have been with Atypical Advantage even before they launched the platform. What started as a regular internship turned into an experience of a lifetime. Vineet recognized my potential very early on in the internship and started giving me extra responsibilities because he believed I could do it. I have met many wonderful people throughout this journey, who are in the team and the talented individuals who are listed on the platform. It gives me immense pleasure that I get to listen to such inspiring stories of people and know more about their life journey. For the first time in my life, I don’t have to work hard to put my thoughts into words. While writing content for Atypical Advantage, my words flow eloquently.”


Divyansh Bhageria (The Man who gets the Job done)

Divyansh is a B.Tech 3rd year undergraduate, who is fond of plants and the environment. He is a hardworking individual with eagerness to learn more. 

He described his journey as, “Atypical introduced me to the corporate world, that world where people welcomed me without having even known me. As time passed I was given more varied roles, wherein I had to learn a few new skills, deal with unexpected hurdles, and get the job done. While having acquired many valuable skills, I cannot overlook the lessons I learnt by passing obstacles. The Atypical team has been guiding me throughout the journey and I can see myself growing with each lesson.”


Tarun Sharma (The Rockstar SEO expert)

Tarun Sharma is a student of Delhi Technological University. He is a full-stack developer, SEO expert and graphic designer.

Tarun encapsulates his working experience as, “I have learnt a lot from Vineet and the organization as a whole. I have a lot of opportunities to grow here as well. It has been an amazing journey!”


These bright stars of Atypical have been putting their heart and soul into the platform and striving to improve with each passing day. Ojas Goel, who manages Humans of Atypical Live and Brinsley Murray, who looks after social media, has also been an integral part of this awesome team. Usually, employers and recruiters look for people with years of experience as they think that gets the job done. What they fail to understand is that the eagerness to learn and the will to accomplish tasks is also essential. 

Atypical Advantage is proud to be working with such talented and budding professionals of tomorrow!


“I have learnt so many things from each one of them. Youngsters have the hunger to learn and with the democratizing of Internet, I have seen our team picking up so many new skills. We have the best experts in our team and one day, this Gen Z will definitely do wonders in life,” remarks Vineet Saraiwala, who has been mentoring all of them on a daily basis. He is grateful to the Gen Z for contributing to Atypical Advantage and taking up the ownership of their work at such a young age.

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