The Stories of Diverse Talents

Published on: 21 Jul, 2021

How can a person with intellectual disability cook delicious dishes?

Can a person with muscular dystrophy provide homeopathy aid to kids?

How can a person with physical disability win the 'Best Entrepreneur' award from the President of India?


Atypical Advantage is home to a myriad of talents and skills. We firmly believe in the concept of focusing on a person’s abilities over just their disability. Everyone has a story to tell, and other people often learn from their peers’ experiences. We aspire to amplify people’s stirring life journeys so that other people with disabilities can begin having faith in their talents as well. 


Shubhasree Basu is a special child who is full of enthusiasm. She hardly requires any help to fulfil her day to day tasks. She can follow and manage most of the information and instructions in her own way and capacity. In her childhood, she was very lazy and introverted but gradually she overcame this to a significant extent. Now, she is receiving training in the Vocational Training Center, of IICP/Taratola, Kolkata, in the Catering unit. Apart from this, she has also qualified CBSE STANDARD-(X), through NIOS. Shubhasree used to participate in online classes based on 'Cooking & Beverages' and can prepare some of the party snack items like French fries, Aam Panna, etc. Also, she has a keen interest in Drawing and Painting, along with digital platforms and their applications, such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and social media like WhatsApp, email, etc. Hire her here.


Shubhasree Basu


Dr. Narendra Kumar Rathor was born in 1958. 5 years prior to his graduation, he was diagnosed with myopathy muscular dystrophy. He didn't allow it to be a setback and went on to graduate in the year 1980 with flying colors. Later, he became a certified homeopathy doctor in 1997. He has been the chairman of Maa Jagdamba Trust since 2008. He has conducted several camps for local people and has distributed free medicines to the needy. He has also taken initiatives along with trust members to perform various philanthropic activities. For his outstanding contribution to the society, he has received the Sunely Sanman award in 2015 by the Sadbhavba Sanasthan, Kendujhar, Orissa. He has also received the citizen award in 2018 and Singh Bhum gaurav award in 2019. Hire him here.


Dr. Narendra Kumar Rathor


Although he has a physical disability, Samir. S. Kakkad accepts all challenges that come his way! He has an 80% disability in both legs. By profession, he is a Mechanical Engineer. Now, he has devoted his life to empowering disabled people. He received the 'Best Entrepreneur’ of the year award from the President of India for the year 2007. Samir is the owner of Saika Mobility Hub which aims at modifications and customizations of cars for people with various degrees of disabilities. Till date, he has designed, developed and implemented Mobility Kit for hundreds of cars for differently-abled people across India. These Mobility Kits are designed for different degrees of disability, and more than 49 types of makes and models all over the country, including, various companies like Fiat, Skoda, Honda, Maruti, Toyota, Hyundai, Tata, Volkswagen, Nissan, Renault, Ford, Mahindra, General Motor, BMW, Audi, M. Benz, etc. Hire him here


Samir. S. Kakkad


We have Shubhasree with her awesome culinary skills, Dr Narendra Rathor and his will to help children or Samir Kakkad with his unwavering determination to help other people with disabilities. These stories about their grit and passion to keep going in life are inspire us to keep working towards this cause and help in making the world a better place for people with disabilities. 

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