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This Labour Day, let’s help Sales Executives get back on their feet.

Published on: 28 Apr, 2021

In India, Labour Day is referred to as Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din. While observed as an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival, May 1 became associated with the labour movement in the late 19th century, after trade unions and socialist groups designated it as a day in support of workers. May Day was first celebrated on May 1, 1923, after the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan initiated and Comrade Singaravelar (Singaravelu Chettiar) helmed the celebrations. 

Atypical Advantage has tied up with T.R.R.A.I.N  which works in skilling of PWD to push corporates to hire sales executive with disabilities through this powerful campaignThey have 150 Deaf individuals trained by TRRAIN who are looking for a job from across 5 cities of the country and any corporation can hire them by visiting the website. This is the perfect way to celebrate Labor Day by hiring people with disabilities at your finger tips. The interface is extremely intuitive and you can transparently browse the profiles available and pick the one which fits your requirement. Through this blog, we are sharing 3 life stories of sales executives out of over 150 profiles listed under the category. 

With TRRAIN’s livelihood creation program for Persons with Disabilities called Pankh – Wings of Destiny, companies in the retail sector, hospitality sector, and other related sectors can employ and create an inclusive workforce. The Persons with Disabilities who enroll in the program receive well-rounded training, where they are taught by professionals about digital literacy, domain-specific skills, planning and organizing, and a lot more. On completing this training, Pankh helps the trainees with employment opportunities. Once a trainee is employed, Pankh also conducts sensitization workshops for the organization to build sensitivity among their employees towards their disabled colleagues and to inform them about the do’s and don’ts and the right behavior towards disabled people.

Belaganta Jyothi

Belaganta has been supported by her family and relatives a lot and they never gave up. She believes that without her mother, she is nothing as she also helped her build confidence level and now she trusts herself to do anything to reach her goal. She realised her interest in sales as that is an arena where she can prove herself can get more opportunities in the retail  sector. She recalls an incident which changed her life. She once met a person whose parents did not support him enough because of his disability. She then realised the true importance of parents’ support in life. Without having achieved much in life yet, she is very confident that she has a long way to go. She knows that her disability can be a hurdle in her path to success, but Belaganta’s determination knows no bounds. She aspires to get a good job in the retail sector and become independent in life. 

Pagadala Karthik

Karthik is a very hard-working and determined person. Having lived with a locomotor disability all his life, he knows adapting to a normal lifestyle will not be easy, but he strives to overcome all obstacles that stop him from achieving his dream. He aspires to live a rewarding life. He realised his interest in sales as he prefers a working environment which is comparative to the part of everyday working life. A turning point of his life was the demise of his mother. On her deathbed, she asked him to be a man who achieves success wherever he goes. Her last words changed him and he perseveres to work even harder. He expresses his gratitude to Atypical Advantage as the platform might help him secure a good job. The important thing in his life is his expectations and goals which he set for his own determination to achieve success in the retail sector to build his career.

Anil Rajendraprasad Pal

Pal was born in a big family with two siblings. He played and hung out with his friends in his childhood. During that time, he realised he was different as he had trouble communicating with his peers and other people. People started to communicate with him through sign language and soon, that became an intrinsic part of his life. Getting in touch with TRRAIN, he perceived that as a turning point in his life. The organization explained about retailing, sales and training. Once his training was finished, he started his job with a good company. It made him feel very proud and prestigious. He reminisces of the time he was appreciated and awarded for his great work at his job. COVID-19 has left me unemployed. He is currently living in his hometown. He aspired to secure a good job through his listing on Atypical Advantage platform. Being a speech and hearing impaired (SHI) person, he is flying with his wings opened wide only after a short training duration and achieving his dream of having a career in retail.

Trained Persons with Disabilities in 5 cities need your support to gain employment. They can be hired as Customer Service Associate, Sales Associate, Operations, Store Assistant, Data Entry, Packer, Office Assistant, Computer Operator, Cashier, QSR, Crew Member, Housekeeping, Process Associate, Attender, Field Assistant, Telecaller, F&B service, Delivery, Medicine Checker, Supervisor, Caretaker, Fashion Consultant, Pharmacy Trainee, Receptionist, and Medical Support Executive. Hire at

This Labour Day, let's pledge to treat workers and sales executives with respect as they are worthy of every ounce of it. If you're a part of a corporation, strive to hire sales executives with disabilities out of over 150 profiles listed at Atypical Advantage.

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