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Success Stories

Virali Modi image
Virali Modi Motivational Speaker Locomotor Disability
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Virali Modi was hired by Accenture as a motivational speaker for “Celebrating Abilities Championing careers for PWD “ event

Ananya Halarnkar image
Ananya Halarnkar Singer Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Ananya Halarnkar was hired for a solo performance by ISACA for their 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Sajan Sachdeva image
Sajan Sachdeva Motivational Speaker Locomotor Disability
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Sajan Sachdeva was hired by Anarock as a motivational speaker for their ‘Inclusion month' event

Raj Jain image
Raj Jain Singer Low Vision
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Raj Jain was hired by IndiQube for an exclusive solo performance for a virtual event

Abhay Kumar Sharma image
Abhay Kumar Sharma Stand up Comedian Visual Disability
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Shareen booked Abhay for a family Birthday party.

Tarini Chadda image
Tarini Chadda Model Learning Disability
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Tarini was hired by Amazon for the Digital shoot of Alexa range of Devices

Sheetal Tushar Kimmatkar image
Sheetal Tushar Kimmatkar Magician Hearing Disability
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Sheetal was hired by Inscripts and Burger King for a magic show performance for their employees

Tiffany Maria Brar image
Tiffany Maria Brar Motivational Speaker Visual Disability
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Tiffany was hired by Tokyo Edelweiss for a Motivational Talk for their employees