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Atypical Art / Custom Portraits / Acrylic Painting Portrait

Acrylic Painting Portrait

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By Basil Joseph Varghese - View Profile

This festive season, preserve your fondest memories in the most meaningful way! Simply upload the picture of your beloved family, friends or partner and watch them turn into beautiful portraits full of love. This gift which will forever be the celebration of your bonds, feelings and love will be specially created for you by an Artist with Disability.

Basil Joseph Varghese is an artist with Autism spectrum disorder. He fell in love with art and painting while young and never stopped learning. Basil’s caring and gentle soul reflects in his bright, colorful and positive artwork. Click on buy now, fill in the information, upload a high-resolution image & witness the magic!

The Package will include-


  1. A beautiful custom portrait

  2. Certificate of Jubilation
  3. Free Delivery

(The price mentioned above is for a single human portrait)


11.7" × 16.5"


Acrylic painting

Creation Year


Rs. 19,399


Parul Kala
star star star star star

Greetings Basil, Thankyouuu soo sooo much for this lovely lovely gift it's a truly amazing gift I really loved the colours you have used in it , it truly captures an emotions ❤❤❤it's something we'll keep it for a lifetime. ❤❤Loved it totally Basil and thankyou Atypical Advantage.

George Kuruvila
star star star star star

Basil Joseph Varghese is my nephew. He has an inherent talent, flair and acumen in drawing, painting and such artworks. As a differently abled person too, he is not ready to compromise in the quality of his work. He is really committed in his specific area. Heartiest congratulations to Basil for his conspicuous, stunning, marvelous creations. Myself implore everyone concerned to support and encourage him to the maximum possible extent and wish him great accomplishments in his future endeavours 👌👍🏼♥️🙏..

Maria Shaju
star star star star star

Iam Basils cousin.He had done a portrait of our grandfather for his 40th day rituals at church. It was a beautiful portrait and had a life like quality to it . We were surprised when we saw that portrait.It was only then that many of our relatives, friends and neighbours came to know that basil is an artist . He was widely appreciated for his work .It actually gave him recognition as an artist among our folks. The picture of Daddy ( we fondly call him that ) is still hung at our home .Basil put his whole heart in to whatever painting he does and he is a perfectionist.