5 Performers with Disabilities Conquer the Virtual Stage

Published on: 20 Oct, 2021

Virtual Domination: When 5 Performers with Disabilities Conquered the Virtual Stage!

Our Performers with Disabilities never cease to amaze! Whether it’s with their powerful performances or with their unwavering spirit of achieving, come what may. As you read about their virtual performances, you can’t help but feel inspired and proud. So here are 5 times this year, when these performers stepped out of their comfort zones and absolutely dominated the virtual scenarios!


When Raj Jain Ruled hearts

Raj was invited to perform at an exclusive corporate event in association with IndiQube, Bangalore. He prepared astounding mashups of old and new songs for the audience. It’s safe to say all the participants were jamming, cheering, and having the time of their lives. Raj’s soulful and melodious voice gave the whole corporate meet up, one much appreciated break! Otherwise a rockstar performer on stage, this was one of the very few times that he performed live for an audience virtually and certainly aced it!


   When Sheetal worked her magic!

 Sheetal Kimmatkar  was hired by Burger King for a magic show performance and a motivational speech for their employees with disabilities. The magic show captured many hearts, and the employees were moved by her journey. She first lightened up the whole atmosphere with her eccentric magic tricks and then had an interactive session with the employees in sign language as they were hearing impaired just like her. At the end of the show Sheetal also introduced her Husband and Son to the audience which was really heartwarming. We can now safely say that Sheetal works her magic virtually just as incredibly she does with a center stage and spotlight!

Watch Sheetal talk about her magical experience here.


Virtual Domination: When 5 Performers with Disabilities Conquered the Virtual Stage


       When Tiffany inspired women empowerment!


On the evening of 8th March 2021, Tiffany Maria Brar delivered a virtual talk for the female employees of  Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company. This talk was organized as a part of the Women's Day celebration. As a woman with locomotor disability, Tiffany shared all her life experiences and how they ultimately shaped her to become this force that she is. She also inspired confidence in women by sharing the things that keep her going on the toughest of the days! Another stage force like raj, Tiffany had a lot of fun experimenting with a virtual stage and there’s no stopping her now.


When Abhay brought distant friends closer!


Abhay Kumar Sharma was hired by Ms. Shareen for a stand-up comedy and mimicry performance for her friend's birthday party. These were a group of friends who couldn't be together physically, but thanks to Abhay’s comic talents laughed and had fun together, virtually. Abhay played his part perfectly and along with the audience he enjoyed himself as well. Everyone had a great time and even after the show people kept sending messages thanking Abhay and complimenting his talent that truly made a lockdown birthday, an unforgettable one! A Stand-Up Comedian with visual impairment, Abhay has certainly discovered how to tickle the funny bones even through a laptop screen.


5.               When Ananya performed solo, virtually for the very first time!


 Ananya Halarnkar who has given her voice in a soundtrack for the movie Razi, delivered her first performance without any other singers for  ISACA Bangalore Chapter for a 30 mins virtual performance. This also happened to be her first virtual performance. This was such an invigorating experience for this young artist as she was clearly far away from her comfort zone with this one! Ananya’s mother shared how she believes this performance was the beginning of something great, though Ananya was nervous she still managed to win the hearts of the Audience with her beautiful voice. 

Watch Ananya talk about her experience here.


These five and many more such stories prove to us the power and potency that authentic passion and ceaseless resilience can muster up. It is this power that enables performers with disabilities to only get better with each obstacle that’s thrown at them and we’re all for it. To call the feeling of witnessing this pure power in action, Mesmerizing, would be an understatement. This power can truly move you. 

When we witness clients, corporates and organizations putting as much belief in these performers as they have in themselves, it motivates us to keep going. After sitting through these 5 and many more virtual events of our talents, we are inspired to do better, to show up without excuses and to conquer with talent and good intentions, no matter what. 


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