7 Unique Diwali Corporate Gifts for Employees & Clients

Published on: 25 Jul, 2022

Diwali - the season of love, light and lanterns - is one of India’s notable festivals. Exchanging gifts forms an integral part of this humongous festival to show the love towards your loved ones. 

Atypical Advantage has a wide assortment of products curated from our partner NGOs that work with Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) at grassroots levels. We customise and deliver aesthetic, thoughtful, and budget-friendly gifting solutions to you and your team according to your company culture while helping the makers of these products (PwDs) earn a sustainable income. 

Our diverse catalogue is named 'Farishta', a Persian word for Angel. The idea is to take a single product or create a DIY hamper to fit the company’s budget. The products curated are based on aesthetics, utility, uniqueness and are festival appropriate.

Here are seven stunning hampers and presents:  
Inam: Under INR 250

Inam: Under INR 250
 Thoughtful, elegant and creative are probably the 3 words that define a gift ie inam. A pair of jute coasters have incorporated all these words. Made from natural jute, the coasters are hand woven by artisans. The refined and tightly braided coasters will bolster your dining settings with its rustic nature. The round coasters come in various four designs and colours. Cost: INR 231

Mehr: Under INR 400

Mehr: Under INR 400A key holder is probably one of the items in your house that you use on a daily basis. A spacious but aesthetically pleasing key holder is just what you may be looking for. Imprinted with colourful flowers, the holder is sturdy. Cost: INR 373.

Niam: Under INR 500 

Niam: Under INR 500
If there’s one thing that depicts a warm welcome to guests, let it be the stunning piece of Moti Toran. Not many know this but torans hold a place of importance in our folklores. The main idea behind placing torans on doors is to please and attract the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. 


The handmade pearl-white torans cost INR 376. The four sets of flower-shaped diyas are the perfect pairing with torans. The hamper is sure to brighten up Diwali for many. Cost of hamper: INR 454

Khair: Under INR 700 

Khair: Under INR 700

The items mentioned under Khair catalogue perfectly embodies its true meaning of being the best. The artists have experimented with different raw materials to come up with fun and quirky designs. 

For instance, the beautiful Flo-dust T-lite Holder (INR 137) is made from used flowers. The fridge magnet cum bottle openers come in shapes of rickshaws and lorry. And finally, the handmade dark chocolates are completely organic. 

Combining these 3 options in a hamper is sure to leave your clients and employees impressed. Cost of hamper: INR 698

Heba: Under INR 1000 

Heba: Under INR 1000 A small wooden tray which also doubles up as the perfect holder for 100 gms of chocolates (fruit & nut or roasted almond), 100 gms of dry fruits and four hand-painted diyas or 1 T-lite holder is the instagrammable hamper you are looking for. The intrinsic designs on diyas, sturdy jute bags for chocolates and the solid finishing of the tray will redefine cuteness this festive season! Cost: INR 914

A Perfect DIY Hamper: INR 2000 

We are currently executing an order by a corporate for 20 pieces. It includes a stone painting (marketed as paper weight), chocolates and a brand card. 

A Mini Concert: INR 2,999

A Mini Concert: INR 2,999

Imagine celebrating Diwali with a mini concert from the comfort of your home. The concerts performed by singers with disabilities are a perfect way to enjoy the festive season with your family, friends and employees. The 15-minute performances are priced INR 2,999. You can book the concerts here

This festive season, let's celebrate soulful gifting. For enquiries and orders, please contact store@atypicaladvantage.in

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