After Going Bankrupt, Hearing Impaired Candidate Bags a Job at Amazon

Published on: 14 Feb, 2023

“My journey as a person with a hearing impairment has been filled with hurdles, but I refused to let that hold me back. While many individuals with disabilities tend to shy away from taking risks, I chose to resign from a big firm and pursue my entrepreneurial dreams of film-making and writing,” says Srikanth Challa.

However, he faced a financial loss during the pandemic, “I went bankrupt and started looking for a job. Finding the right fit for my skill set was difficult, as many interviewers conducted phone interviews despite my request for video calls. I also realised that the absence of a CTC as a freelancer posed a hindrance in applying for jobs,” he says.

During the job hunting process, he came across Atypical Advantage.

Atypical Advantage inclusive hiring inspiring story. "From completing my BTech, and working at a big firm to pursuing my passion for film-making, I have always dared to dream big and chase my aspirations."  Srikanth Challa Hearing Impairment Placed at Amazon

“This platform changed my life by providing a supportive and inclusive environment for people like me who have invisible disabilities. I applied for 20-30 jobs, and finally, I landed a role at Amazon,” he adds.

It was a huge relief for Srikanth as Amazon’s communication was through emails and video conferencing. This kind of constant support made him feel valued and respected. He now has a desk job where he has to send emails to sellers of Amazon.

“I am looking forward to a great 2023. I hope to publish novels this year. To those facing similar challenges, never give up on your dreams. Keep searching for the right opportunities and give your best, for success and fulfilment lie in your perseverance and determination,” adds Srikant.

Srikant is one of the many candidates with disabilities who has successfully been placed at a top firm. 

Find jobs for Persons with Disabilities here.

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