Atypical Art: Opening the world of colors and opportunities.

Published on: 21 Apr, 2021

We often hear people say that four walls don’t make a place a home, but the people living in it, make it into a sweet home. The people living in it fill their homes with memories, stories, love and warmth. But with all of this, why should the walls feel empty and gloomy?

If you are an interior designer, architect or even a home-owner, Atypical Art is your one-stop solution to decorate walls with exceptional artworks which not only signify the eloquent flair of the artists, but also give expression to their life journeys. 

Atypical Advantage proudly hosts over 450 talents across 16 categories and over 340 paintings in its Atypical Art section. We take pride in amalgamating people from all over the country with different disabilities, who are listed together on our platform. Talent categories range from entertainment variables like singers, dancers, musicians to corporate variables like sales executive, sign language interpreters and graphic designers. We aim at bridging the gap of unemployment and underemployment for people with disabilities. 


Atypical Art is the vertical which has paintings of over 70 artists who are as diverse as our country itself. The category has artists from varying ages, culture and disabilities. Each one has their own style and method of creating art. 

You can filter through the vertical to find the perfect painting for your house, café or restaurant. The categories in Atypical Art range from Abstract Art, Landscapes, Portraits, Contemporary Art, Wildlife to Still Life, Stone Paintings, Collage and Indian Regional Paintings. 


The price range of all 342 paintings also aligns with people from all financial backgrounds. You can sift through the section on the basis of the price range and select the paintings which best suit your home. 


Atypical Art provides artists with disabilities with a platform to not just list their artworks which could then be sold, but also publishes their life experiences which brought them where they are today. 


Jisha is spreading the beautiful colours in people's life with her beautiful paintings. She is inspired by nature's bliss which can be seen in her artwork, smiling through life despite OI which is a genetic disorder that is present throughout a person's lifetime. Jisha brings down Kerala's beauty so effortlessly on paper with the wonderful strokes of acrylic colours. The wheel chair has not stopped Jisha from living her Life, instead it has given wheels to Jisha's passion and love for Art.



Subhranil Das, an 18 year-old boy, is a gifted artist on the autism spectrum with sensory processing disorder. He was home-schooled and his mother managed his medical management at home. He is a very unique and mysterious boy. Subhranil couldn't hold a pencil till the age of 7 years, and today, he views this world from a different perspective. He feels dissociated from the materialistic world. He expresses his inner turmoil through art and feels that art is his alternate means of communication in this world. He also perceives art as  his self calming technique and meditation. 


Subhranil Das

To get a glimpse into the kind of artwork listed on the website, you can check out the following paintings. 


Mixed Emotions, Sahil Baghdadi

Mixed Emotions, Sahil Baghdadi: Dream in colours, for hues are vibrant. Paint each day with a smile. In days of the past, don't grieve; make a new deposit to the pleasant memory bank! Let your life be a reason for others to LIVE.


Ganesha, Budh Singh

Ganesha, Budh Singh: Painting depicts the beauty of Lord Ganesha who clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward in life. The large elephant head of Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life. The right tusk represents wisdom and the left tusk represents emotion.


The Arched Tree. Anu Jain

The Arched Tree. Anu Jain: This magnificent tree still stands tall and mighty, even after enduring years of strong winds and harsh weather. The tilt in its stature has not diminished its pride. Season after season, the leaves may come and go, but the roots will keep it alive.


If you choose to buy from Atypical Advantage, you are not just supporting our organization, but also standing in solidarity with people with disabilities. You are choosing to take a step in the direction of change and revolution. You are initiating a ripple effect which will influence the lives of hundreds of people. You will be choosing to change the life of the artist and encouraging thousands of other artists who are hesitant to pick up a brush and color their world with new opportunities that await their strokes. 

artist and encouraging thousands of other artists who are hesitant to pick up a brush and color their world with new opportunities that await their strokes

Think Atypical and choose from the finest Art pieces created by Artists with Disabilities here.


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