Atypical Conversation with Sachin Vajpayee - A Dancer with Dreams!

Published on: 12 Jan, 2022

Sachin is a born warrior. Despite having a locomotor disability, he is flying towards his dreams. He is a top-performing contestant of Dance India Dance Season 5 in 2015. He is also part of different reality shows such as Roadies and others. He loves dancing since his childhood but never got an opportunity to perform during his early years. His interest in dancing increased when he started watching Dance India Dance in 2012 and only after that he started giving auditions for different reality shows. His first audition was India's Got Talent Season 4 where he was rejected but he didn't view rejection as a hurdle in the path of his dreams. Despite getting several rejections he kept giving auditions back to back. He kept giving auditions every month, every year hoping for a selection and with that, his studies were going on. He managed his studies and dance with the same level of determination.

He didn't lose his spirit and ultimately after 3 years, he got selected for Dance India Dance Season 5 in 2015. 

Sachin Vajpayee practices dance stunts
After that, he was taken to Mumbai and his journey had come on a different track as he was getting several offers as a special guest performance in a reality show in the South and then he did several reality shows in the North again. Finally, his dreams seem to be coming true.

Sachin Vajpayee

We had a wonderful opportunity to interview this young and spirited talent. Here's what he has to say about his journey.

How did your early years look like?

Born with a Locomotor Disability, my family worried about my future. They received a lot of suggestions and concerns about me. My father’s determination and hard work inspires me and makes me want to be like him. I studied until 12 grade and then started looking for jobs. During this time I went to a dance studio with a friend. I enjoyed my time at the studio and decided to pursue it further. After failing in many dance competitions I finally got selected to perform in a reality show called ‘Dance India Dance’ where I ranked in the Top 30. This was a turning point in my life. I got offers for multiple shows after this. I also restarted my education along with focusing on my dance career.

What challenges did you face?

My family has 6 members and we were all dependent on my father to provide for us. This pushed me to start working. Finding a job was extremely difficult. Sometimes it was my qualification, other times it was due to my disability. This went on for 5 years until I finally had my big break!

How did you conquer those challenges?

My father carried the mantle despite the fact that he was responsible for 6 people which inspired me. Even after failing for 5 years, I didn’t give up! This coupled with the desire to improve myself not only helped me reach where I am but also move forward. 

What are you doing presently?

I am pursuing my education in B.Com along with working on my career in dance.

What is your message to the world?
Nothing is impossible. All you need is a sincere effort. If you don’t succeed in one go, try again and again. If there is something lacking in you, then do not consider that lack as a deficiency because that deficiency is your specialty. Your personality is what makes you different and that is your specialty. So please try!

His grit and determination has the power to inspire people! Visit here to book him for a performance.

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