Breaking Barriers: Create an Inclusive Workplace for Persons with Disabilities

Published on: 11 Apr, 2023

Creating an inclusive work environment for PWDs can bring numerous benefits to employers and employees.

However, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities (PwDs) is almost three times higher than that of the general population in India. This is largely due to the stigma and discrimination faced by PwDs in the workplace. 

In this blog, we will discuss how companies can tackle stigma and discrimination to create inclusive work environments.

1) Employee Sensitisation

Education and training are among the most effective ways to tackle stigma and discrimination. Employers should provide disability awareness training to all employees to help them understand the challenges faced by PwDs and the importance of inclusivity. 

Atypical Advantage conducts workshops on disability etiquette, terminologies, and practical tips for creating inclusive workplaces. So far, companies like Amazon, Tata Power, and several other firms have availed of the workshop. 

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2) Provide Reasonable Accommodations

Providing reasonable accommodations is a legal requirement and essential for creating an inclusive work environment. Reasonable accommodations can include assistive technology, flexible work arrangements, and physical modifications to the workplace. Employers should work with PwDs to identify their needs and provide accommodations that enable them to perform their job effectively.

3) Foster an Inclusive Culture

Employers should work towards creating an inclusive culture where PwDs feel valued and respected. This can involve creating opportunities for PwDs to participate in decision-making processes, recognising the contributions of PwDs, and promoting diversity and inclusivity at all levels of the organisation 

4) Offer training and development 

Offer training and development opportunities for employees with disabilities to help them develop their skills and advance their careers. Offer support networks, such as employee resource groups, mentorship programs, and disability-specific support groups, to provide a sense of community and connection.

5) Incorporate diversity into policies and procedures

Incorporating diversity into policies and procedures means developing policies and procedures that are inclusive of diverse perspectives and needs of employees with disabilities. This can include policies that address accessibility, accommodations, and non-discrimination. It is important to ensure that policies are inclusive and do not create barriers.

For example, a company may have a policy that requires all employees to work on-site. However, this policy may create barriers for employees with disabilities who require accommodations such as remote work. Therefore, it may be necessary to revise the policy to allow for accommodations that support the needs of disabled individuals.

Creating an inclusive work environment for PwDs requires a concerted effort from employers and employees. This benefits PwDs and brings numerous benefits for employers, including a more diverse and productive workforce.

Collaborate with Atypical Advantage to create an inclusive workplace. 

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