How to Get Placed at Top MNCs: 6 Tips for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Published on: 12 Sep, 2022

The process of going through an inclusive hiring process can be stressful for Persons with Disabilities. What if their abilities are overlooked or their disability can be a deciding factor? Despite having skills that suit the job requirements and the work experience to show one’s mettle, a lack of confidence or nervousness can prove to be detrimental. 

If you think, odds are against you, follow these 6 simple tips to impress your potential employer, while eliminating stigmas and stereotypes. 

1) Add Skills

Regardless of whether or not it pertains to the job profile, one should list all of their strengths in their resume as long as they are accurate. In addition to observing an applicant's body language and soft skills, an employer chooses a candidate based on the skills listed.

2) Specific Answers 

Determine the prerequisites for the role by reading the job description carefully. Prepare several detailed responses to hypothetical questions about the post you are applying for.

3) Acquire New Skills

In the present situation, there is fierce competition. You can have an advantage over others by improving your soft skills and aptitude.

4) Do The Research

Do your research about the company. Understand their mission and workplace culture. Be curious because an interview is a two-way conversation. Questioning and discussing the same in the interview can leave a good mark.

5) Be Comfortable and Confident 

Having the confidence and comfort to talk about your qualifications and skills is crucial. You won't ever sell yourself short if you have it.

6) Address Your Disability

It is your prerogative to decide how much you want to talk about your disability. However, if there are specific requirements before you start the job, highlight them in the interview process. 

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The article is written by Niharika Agarwal with inputs from Shradha Kundra, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at Amazon India

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