Realizing Sachin's lifelong dream of becoming an actor!

Published on: 01 Dec, 2021

We dream a million things, and accomplishing each and every one of those dreams delights us like never before. Just like making our society more inclusive and equitable is Atypical Advantage’s dream, Sachin Shetty dreamed of becoming a successful model and voice-over artist. Stars truly aligned for all of us in this instance as we couldn’t have been more elated to be a part of this heartwarming journey for both Sachin and Arvind Limited. 


While we saw diverse trends making the rounds on social media during the pandemic, Sachin was looking for a passion that he could follow. In his childhood, he had to leave his education in 6th standard because of lack of accessibility. With Distal Spinal Muscular Atrophy, it was very hard for him to move around on his own. He had no one to take him to school. His mother was very disheartened with this fact but never lost hope. She encouraged him to read the newspaper and read books as much as he can. Eventually, he found someone who could take him to school and he completed his education. he never expected to graduate from college, but luckily he was able to, as the college was right next to his house. He draws his inspiration from people and their stories. He believes one of his strengths is being a good listener, and that allows him to connect with people.

The pandemic made him realize how much more he can do, apart from his job at a large public bank. He tried to find hobbies and talents that he can pursue. He tried his hand at giving voice overs to visuals. As he was looking for opportunities, he found that he is also good at content creation and acting. So, with these talents and passion in his mind, he started hosting a weekly show at Radio Udaan. He has also co-hosted a show for Love Actually, which is a popular page on Instagram. 


Sachin Shetty


Arvind conducted a screen test on Zoom and was moved by Sachin’s charming personality. They selected him for an Ad shoot which is all set to be released on International day of Persons with Disabilities. Listening to the feedback from the crew and going by few selected photos released, Sachin is looking dapper and the crew seems mesmerized by its lead actor. He believes any art form, if pursued with utmost sincerity, can evolve one's creative acumen along with contributing towards impressive growth as a human being. He has graduated from Mumbai University and is working for a large public bank. We believe his talent and his abilities have immense potential and he is set to take his first flight with his new found wings. His dream of being a part of the entertainment industry where he can showcase his talent and creativity has finally started to become a reality.

Overwhelmed with emotions and happiness, Sachin was left in tears after the shoot. It was his first time being groomed professionally and he even put makeup on! He expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in the shoot as everyone was extremely humble and cordial. 

 Sachin Shetty


When asked about his experience of the first ever shoot he had ever done, he shared the following excerpt, "The bright and warm day of November 22, 2021 will forever be etched in my mind as the first day I faced the camera. I was nervous, but adamant to give my best. As soon as I reached the location, I was hurried to the makeup room for grooming and further preparation. This gave me confidence to face the camera and recite my dialogues. The crew was kind enough to ask me about any special needs I might have. The first take was a bit rough as I fumbled, but I pulled myself back up and did the rest of the shoot perfectly. I also got acquainted with all the technicalities of making an ad or a film and I must say it is a very tedious and a tough job, I was lucky I just had to say the dialogues without worrying about the surrounding paraphernalia. After the shoot concluded, the crew congratulated me for a job well done. They were surprised to know it was my first time acting. I realized patience, humility and the urge to hone one’s skill always pays off. I hope this is one of many more wonderful experiences to come and I learn and grow in my life."


We are very happy to see Arvind Limited fulfilling Sachin’s dream to be a model and hope to have more models with disabilities joining the bandwagon as it leads to greater representation and awareness in our society.

Congratulations to Sachin and we can’t wait for the commercial to be released on the International day of Persons with disabilities by Arvind Limited. We are absolutely enthralled when we get to be a part of such gratifying experiences as it reassures us of the work that we're doing! 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Let's celebrate the accomplishment of Sachin's dream and collectively work towards realizing such dreams of more people with disabilities.  Contribute towards making lives better for people with disabilities by booking them for an assignment or hiring them for jobs that are suitable for them.


Start your Atypical journey today!

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