What Makes Mini Concerts A Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

Published on: 21 Jun, 2022

'Thoughtful' and 'heartwarming' are some of the words that will come to your mind when you think of the best gift you have received. In most cases, it is the effort and thought put in by the giver that makes the gift priceless.


Keeping all these aspects in mind, Atypical Advantage has launched ‘Mini Concerts’. They are private virtual concerts performed by singers with disabilities, the duration of which is 15 minutes or more. 


What Makes Mini Concerts A Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones


Let’s dive in and see what makes Mini Concerts the best choice for your next gift.


It is For Everyone & Every Occasion

There is no age or gender bar. It makes for a suitable gift for everyone - employees, spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, siblings and cousins. Plus, this is a gift that can be given on any occasion including birthdays, work anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, festivals and more.

Budget Friendly

A gift is a gift no matter what the price is. However, sticking to a budget is as important as giving a meaningful gift. You can get a mini-concert for just Rs 2999. You can book the concert for Rs 99 which will later be adjusted against booking charge if service is provided. The concerts will create unforgettable memories without making a big hole in your pocket.

Empower People with Disabilities 

What if we tell you that you are going to make an actual on-ground difference with this gift? It’s true. It will generate livelihoods with dignity for Persons with Disabilities and promote their talent. Talent doesn’t need anything but a stage to shine. It’s your chance to promote inclusion by giving a rightful chance to these talented artists. 

Evoke Memories with A Personalised Touch 

Music always reminds us of nostalgia and good times. Whether it is your annual day function, first dance or falling in love, music can perfectly articulate your feelings. Songs convey what words cannot. While booking the concert, you can make requests for specific songs and genres depending on the occasion. Make this concert as personalised as possible. Be it your employee’s wedding anniversary or your mother’s birthday, a mini-concert will leave a forever mark.

You can book mini concert for your next special occasion here.

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