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Gopiyo sang kanhaiya

By Budh Singh - View Profile

The theme of this painting have been selected from the ‘Gita Govinda’ series. The painting presents Krishna surrounded by gopis sitting on the bank of Yamuna. The use of bold colour infused vitality in the painting. Krishna is wearing a bright yellow with his upper body naked but ornamented. He is also wearing a crown with jewels and peacock plumes. Three gopis have been shown around Krishna who are in the right of the painting. They are adoring Krishna who is wearing a graceful loin cloth.

What you will receive:
- Original Artwork without frame
- Certificate of Appreciation for empowering an Artist with Disability (shared over email)

Expected delivery time: 5-7 business days


40x28 inches


Acrylic on Canvas

Creation Year


Rs. 34,499


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