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Upside Down Portrait

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By Ajay Jayaprakash - View Profile

This festive season, preserve your fondest memories in the most meaningful way! Simply upload the picture of your beloved family, friends or partner and watch them turn into beautiful portraits full of love. This gift which will forever be the celebration of your bonds, feelings and love will be specially created for you by an Artist with Disability.

Ajay’s life might have turned upside down after his Bike Accident but his disability did not stop him for mastering this unique style. He has perfected the skill of Upside-down Painting which tricks the brain into painting what is exactly in front of the eyes instead of leveraging once own imagination of what a part must look like( see the video). Click on buy now, fill in the information, upload a high-resolution image & witness the magic!

The Package will include-

  1. A beautiful custom portrait

  2. Certificate of Jubilation

  3. Corrugated box with Festive wrapping

  4. Free Delivery

(The price mentioned above is for a single human portrait)


11.7" × 16.5"


Acrylic on Art Paper

Creation Year


Rs. 5,199


Rohan Bhanshali
star star star star star

The talent Ajay has , his paintings have been phenomenal in such a short time he was able to prepare such beautiful portraits we were really thrilled to receive them❤😍😇Thank you so much Ajay and Atypical Team All the best and good luck 🤞