Disabled Physiotherapists Bring In Pandemic

Published on: 17 Feb, 2021


Can a shoulder injury be treated without surgical intervention?
Can slip disc be tended to before it is too late?
Can you trust physiotherapists with disabilities to cure you?

Injury or chronic pain can affect your everyday actions. Being in this constant pain is no way to live this beautiful life. Physiotherapy, which has been in practice since as early as 400 BC, might be the answer to your problems. It is a part of the medical profession that is concerned with the movement of the human body and any kind of physical impairment.

For those of you who think that people with disabilities cannot treat other’s pain, there are hundreds of physiotherapists across our country who would confidently contest your belief. We bring to you, a collection of 3 such physiotherapists and their life stories. And if you want to read some inspirational pieces, glance at newspapers where you would find tons of “Despite being blind, she became a physiotherapist!” stories because disability is not a barrier in realizing one’s dream.

Labhendra Sadashiv

Labhendra Sadashiv
Labhendra might be blind by his eyes but not by his mind

Faith can transform even the impossible into the possible and Labhendra makes this transition on a daily basis. One of his patients had severe internal shoulder injury. There was no movement possible and even the slightest touch would cause searing pain. The doctors had prescribed surgery, but the patient wanted a different way out and Labhendra had found it. The patient had faith in him, and he had faith in his skills, magic was bound to happen. Today, that patient is completely healed without having to go for surgery. Labhendra’s glorious 12 years of work experience has seen numerous such patients who have come to him with faith and had their faith intact when they left with improved health. He was called the “8th wonder” by one of his teachers and we couldn’t agree more.

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Narendra Kumar Chelani

Narendra Kumar Chelani

With over 30 years of experience in Physiotherapy, Narendra Kumar Chelani takes all challenging cases head on. He completed his 3-year certificate course in Physiotherapy from the Victoria Memorial School for Blind in Bombay. He works at his own clinic — Jigyasa Physiotherapy Clinic and at a government hospital — Geeta Bhavan Hospital. He finds solace when he receives outstanding results from a patient he works with, no matter how complicated the case is. Narendra has a passion for the work and he aims to pass on his knowledge of the subject to the younger generation for which he wants to conduct coaching classes as well.

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Sanjay Pore

Sanjay Pore
The advocate of continuous learning Sanjay is at the helm of bettering his patient’s life

A certificate of appreciation from a group of mentally challenged individuals is undoubtedly Pore’s one of the most cherished patient feedback. He has been working for the past 5–6 years now. For someone who is dependent on others for travelling, examining, etc. 2000 was the year when it was Sanjay Pore’s turn to start helping others and for others to be dependent on him. He has been practicing as a physiotherapist and massage therapist for the past 20 years. These years of good work and numerous satisfied patients started with uncertainty and challenges. The patients were not very trusting initially of a visually impaired person, but with skills like Pore’s the hesitation didn’t last long.

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Is vision really that important to treat patients? Is there power in love with the backing of knowledge? The physiotherapists at Atypical Advantage will surely break these myths of yours and do it with grace while they are at it.

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