Entertainment: Disability is not a barrier.

Published on: 06 May, 2021

People with disabilities have been struggling to find adequate job opportunities even before the pandemic began, with their battle being worse today. Their plight is truly heartbreaking. 

They don’t ask for pity or sympathy. They demand a chance, an opportunity to prove their talents and their abilities. They want employers to judge them on the basis of what they are capable of doing and achieving. 


Atypical Advantage has been working towards consolidating people with disabilities who have exceptional talent from across the country into a single platform. Talent categories seeking jobs in industries ranging from corporate sectors like sign language interpreters, sales executives, graphic designers to entertainment sectors like music, dancing, singing, bands and magicians. 

Check out this amazing video we made for the campaign. 


We have dancers like Anjurani Joy, who is a paraplegic woman from Kerala; Sharayu Gosavi, a woman with autism from Thane; Nitin Rangnath Salve, a hip hop dancer with hearing impairment from Mumbai. With over 20 talents listed in the Dancers category, people with disabilities are outshining the dancing styles of their peers. Bharatnatyam, hip-hop, freestyle, classical are some dance forms in which these talents excel. Swift dance moves and smooth movements will definitely leave your audience wanting more. 


Siddharth Jain


Multifaceted artists like Siddharth Jain from Gujarat, Revathi N from Kerala who specializes in Carnatic music and the melodious flute player Kavitha Murali from Kerala are looking for events and functions to perform in. The Musicians category has 10 talented people with disabilities who can play the keyboard, guitar, drums, violin, piano and even a professional DJ. These talented artists seek a chance to make a name for themselves in this industry and are constantly enhancing their skills. The sweet tunes and melodies will undoubtedly serenade your audience.

Sufi and Bhajan singer Swaraj Rajput from Aurangabad; Gujarati and Marathi singer Ankita Patel from Ahmedabad and Malayalam and Tamil singer Karthik Krishnamurthy on the autism spectrum are among the 30 singers listed on the platform. Born with a flair to perform, the talented Singers do not let their disability hinder their talent. They strive to live an independent life made purely on the basis of their talent and hard-work. Their melodious voices are bound to mesmerize your audience. 


Swaraj Rajput


The unity and the ability of a Band of musicians and singers to create music is unmatched. Udaan Entertainment Group, Flowing Karma and Heart 2 Heart Orchestra have a vision to explore the world of music and surpass the boundaries set by people which restrict them from achieving their dreams. 


The time to lend a hand towards the inclusion revolution is now. By hiring people with disabilities, you are encouraging other such people across the country to pursue their talent and to not give up on their dreams. They will find their motivation in the fact that people will judge them on the basis of their skills. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the website and browse through diverse profiles and hire the person who fits your description. 

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