Obstacle-defying artists who paint the masterpieces of their life

Published on: 12 Dec, 2020

The humans of Atypical Advantage are all awe-inspiring. And they also have other things in common like their unfaltering resolve, a talent that’s unlike any other, determination to fly high above all hurdles, creating a life for themselves that’s aspirational for the rest of us and there’s so much more. But would you want to know which of their common traits is my favorite? It’s the passion that drives each of them. We have Shree Kant Dubey, Shriharsha Shukla, and Swaminathan Manivannan; three such passionate artists whose artwork will charm you, their unique style will mesmerize you and their dedication towards their art will inspire you. Are you ready to be awe struck?

Shree Kant Dubey (He is one with his art)

Shree Kant Dubey (He is one with his art)

His single-minded dedication creates breathtaking artworks.

After 30+ individual exhibitions and numerous group shows, Shree Kant Dubey still continues to lose himself in his art and create masterpieces every day, this is because even today he thinks of himself as a student. An accident in the year 1984 found Shree shocked at the changed behavior of people around him and saddened by the fact that others thought he could no longer pursue art. But were others in for a big shock themselves? He not only taught himself to write from his left hand but to paint as well. It took him around 8 years but with a drive to differentiate himself, he developed his own style of painting. His knowledge of Indian mythological stories has led to his inclination towards artwork about the same. When he is working on an art piece he forgets about everything else, the tea gets cold, the food is forgotten, it’s only his imagination and the drive to bring that imagination to life. When he is working, he is transported to his own world of painting and there he doesn’t get tired, it’s just his passion driving him.

Experience the luxury of artwork that is moving and contains beauty in its every brushstroke. Get your hands on Shree Kant Dubey’s work here!

Shree Kant Dubey

Shriharsha Shukla (The global artist)

Shriharsha has been an artist for 33 years now and his illustrious career has been rewarded by numerous National and International prizes. He works with a lot of different media like oil paints, watercolors, collage, acrylics, etc. However, collage work has found a special place in his life. It is a more time-consuming form and takes around 20 days for him to complete one piece. There wasn’t even much recognition of this format in India when he started out but he kept at it, simply because it gave him joy. And now his collage work is not only recognized, appreciated, and awarded in India but in other countries as well. Along with creating breathtaking pieces of art, he is also teaching art in a school, to share his talents with others.

Let Shriharsha’s across the globe recognized work find a place in your life, hire him for commissioned artwork here!

Swaminathan Manivannan (Creating his own path)

Swaminathan Manivannan

Transporting the beauty in front of him to paper.

An artistic journey of 29 years that started at the age of 5, and even today Swaminathan is equally passionate about his art. He will never put his pen down until and unless he finishes his artwork, come what may. Historical places (like the Shore temple of Mahabalipuram) have always held a special place in his heart and the same can be seen in his artwork. Since an early age, he had enjoyed historical places and it wasn’t much later when he started sketching them. With such incredible talent, accolades and appreciation is bound to be showered but something that outshines for Swaminathan is being chosen as one of the 9 Best Artists in Art For Inclusion 2020, by the Indian Inclusion Summit. All of Swaminathan’s artwork has his unique style of a perceptual slant added to it. His artwork adorns murals, corporate offices, logos, letterheads, etc. In fact the visiting card and letterhead of the Chess Grandmaster, Viswanathan Anand has Swaminathan’s artwork.

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