Sign Language Interpreters: Bridging the gap between spoken word and sign language

Published on: 23 Jun, 2021

What if the warning about a natural disaster did not reach you?
What if you were rejected in the interview because the interviewer did not understand you?
What if your corporate communications were not accessible to all your employees?

These may be scary hypothetical situations for you but, this is an everyday reality for a large number of people who are deaf. Hearing interpreters work towards changing this reality. From hospitals, courts, police stations, Recruitment Interviews, government functions, corporate events, or any sort of information exchange, it must be understood by all, without any exception.

Whether it’s Taslim who served at the hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, to Nithin who has shared the stage with celebrity cricketers like Brett Lee and Rahul Dravid or Garima who pursued sign language so that he can communicate with children with hearing impairment; the efforts and initiatives of Sign Language Interpreters are critical in bridging the gap between the spoken word and sign language.

Let’s look into the lives of 3 outstanding Sign Language Interpreters and never hesitate to hire them at the click of the button here.

Taslim ShaikhSign Language Interpreters: Bridging the gap between spoken word and sign language

Ten years of work, various fields of experience, and all are equally treasured and valued by Taslim. From IT firms, disability spaces to legal and medical setups, she has worked in every sector possible. During the early phases of Covid-19, when the entire world was in a state of fear, Taslim interpreted for people at hospitals who were not even aware of this deadly disease. She has interpreted for the Chief Ministers of Goa and Maharashtra, Bollywood A-list actors, and in other numerous events. Taslim truly enjoys her work. She is extremely grateful to the deaf community for accepting her and for allowing her to bridge the gap that exists. Her husband, who is deaf, is her inspiration and the force that constantly motivates her.

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Nithin MadhuNithin Madhu

Nithin is playing his role in making the world accessible

It all started for Nithin with a post-graduate degree in linguistics, which was followed by an internship. And finally led him to pursue a diploma in sign language interpretation. Nithin believes in letting nothing come in the way of talent reaching its true potential. So with that belief in his heart, he helped one of his deaf friends to participate in the World Youth Forum. Other than corporate and organizational events, Nithin also does corporate events, individual commission works in courts and police stations. He has also been a hearing interpreter in events for the likes of Rahul Dravid and Brett Lee.

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Garima ShuklaGarima Shukla

Garima always wanted to be a teacher, hence she pursued special educator course in hearing impairment. Once her course was completed, she realized she would need to know sign language to be able to communicate and understand her students. Hence, she pursued her diploma in sign language from Indian sign language research and training center located in Delhi (Okhla). After her first job, where she worked with children of the age 0–6 with hearing impairment under a project called Early Intervention in Welfare Centre for Healing and speech Impairment, Haryana, she started her venture as an interpreter. Garima, in her experience of 1 year, has worked with Dr Reddy’s Foundation Delhi, Welfare Centre for Hearing and Speech Impairment, and State Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development, Tripura. She believes that in this profession, there is something for both the employer and employees to learn from each other, and intends to learn from the people she would be working with.

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These Atypical humans are working for a cause that are of extreme importance and just can’t be ignored. Join this Atypical movement, hire these splendid individuals, and others like them. We are heading towards accessibility for all; don’t hesitate from walking along with us.

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